GGiSTORE Featured Item - Design Review Spreadsheets - Pack of Ten

Design Review Spreadsheets - Set of 10

Design Reviews are an essential activity to assure product development technical and process quality.  Ten design review checklist spreadsheets, spanning technical domains, are GGI's Featured Item.  Our "Design Review 10-Pak" has ten spreadsheets commonly designed with a best practice tracking and disposition method to discover, track, and tie-out items needing attention in the design and development of new products.

Design defects are best discovered early while they are inexpensive to fix.  Each product design defect that is found costs several hundred to several thousand dollars to rectify.  A formal and systematic design review process along the product creation cycle rarely costs more than the value and cost savings it generates.

The Design Review 10-Pak as a bundle saves 40% off buying reviews individually.

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