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Benchmarking -- Sources Resources for benchmarking research and information.

Benchmarking -- Services Companies that assist with the benchmarking process.
Calendar Upcoming industry conferences and events.
Company Listings A comprehensive catalog of companies in various fields.
Databases A list of databases for all needs.
Directories -- Phone Numbers Reach out and touch someone.
Directories -- Internet Addresses Reverse directories. Provide the phone number, these will provide the name.
Education Links guiding you to educational programs available in the field.
Newsletters - Print Subscription A list of newsletters on a wide array of subjects.
Grammar & Punctuation Links to sites that assist with proper English usage.
Industry Awards Selected Associations and Government awards to corporations.
Internet A list of links to information and services related to the Internet and to Internet
Job Search Companies that can help you get where you are going.
Medical -- Health Consumerized medical information.
Patent Information Downloadable and searchable patent information.
Periodicals A list of business- and PD-related journals and magazines, grouped by category.
Presentation Products & Equipment Audio, conferencing, video, display, storage, furniture, and more.
Products -- Registrations / AS / ISO / QS Information on compliance/legal product registrations, and compliance/legal business practice registrations.
Products -- Specification Sources Organizations engaged in the development of standards and specifications
Professional and Trade Associations Associations with product development, design, and management membership.
Publishers -- Books Industry-related booksellers
Publishers -- Newsletters Popular publications in the product development community.
Science Some interesting and potentially fun science links.
Service Providers A directory of firms specializing in service industries.
Technology Providers A directory of technology providers of hardware and software.
Travel A list of travel related service and product sites.
US Government Government related links.
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