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19th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

19th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit,  August 25-27, 2015

This 19th Summit will provide participants with the best metrics for their individual companies across industries.  The metrics that you need to drive R&D and Product Development productivity, output, effectiveness, and efficiency.  You will also wrap your arms around the metrics that investment firms and Wall Street analysts are increasingly interested in regarding new product sales, value of the pipeline, time-phased portfolio value, company innovativeness, and innovation conversion rates to real products that launch.  Make no mistake, this Summit is geared for top folks chartered with leading and getting results from innovation in all its manifestations.  If you look at the written comments from our prior Summit participants and the positions that they hold, it is clear that GGI's Summit delivers the value and content that executives charged with running complex R&D operations need to be successful.

Our twenty-eight years as a corporation serving North America and Europe, along with our statistically valid primary research conducted over the past fifteen years, brings depth and executive perspective this 19th Summit.  We know the Top 100 Metrics that are the most used by corporations, and how they have changed over time.  On March 13, 2014 GGI published our 6th North American study of R&D and Product Development practices in the areas of R&D Operating Environments, Organic Innovation, Open Innovation, Intellectual Property, and the Top Corporate R&D Metrics In Use. Two-hundred companies from the USA, Canada, and Mexico participated in numbers that represent the relative R&D spending of the North American countries. There is no more current information anywhere on the industrialized continents in 2014. Participants in our 18th Summit attested to this.  Again, GGI Summits are delivered from the prospective of C-Level exec utives who have overall responsibility for getting results and interfacing with external analysts.

During the first two seminars of the Summit, we will discuss the usable and practical part of the Body of Knowledge of R&D and Product Development Metrics that CXOs can put to work for their companies.  The first seminar, the first day, focuses on the hardest to measure operational areas including: capacity management, how to make trade-off decisions, hurdle rates, portfolio risk and complexity, overall returns from R&D investments, and the number of metrics a company should have to manage R&D from a CXO and then CEO level.  The second seminar, the next morning, focuses on planning, proactive, and predictive metrics that enable one to see ahead of actual results to enable a performance environment and culture that will produce superior results.

The third seminar of the Summit is best described as a Workshop, but it will include new material on rapidly evolving measurement areas in R&D.  Participants will break into working groups to apply their experience and new learnings of the past two days to create "a set of metrics" suitable for measuring all aspects of R&D -- including Projects, Technical & Functional Disciplines, Improvement Initiatives, and most importantly the overall CXO-Level metrics for R&D that are used by the President, CEO, and investor community.   There will be several focused discussions during the Workshop on specialty metrics for Advanced Development, Functional/Technical Competencies, Intellectual Property & Licensing, and several other measurement topics that are rapidly entering the mainstream.

Senior executives wishing to put themselves and their fellow senior executives in a better position to direct and drive product creation and commercialization should strongly consider attending. The great majority of our prior participants will say, "this Summit covers everything an Officer or Senior Manager needs to know on the subject of Metrics and how to deploy them."

Registration will close in mid August.  Space is limited.  Please register in a timely manner.

John R. Power
Director, Executive Education

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