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T124 - "8 Conditions That Impact R&D Spending Results"

R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Series,
Needham, Massachusetts, USA
November 8, 2018 -- [42 Pages]
ISBN 978-1-937115-36-4


This presentation was made in conjunction with the R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series on November 8, 2018 in Needham, Massachusetts.


This paper culls the best examples of how to react and decide when eight different conditions arise. Some you can see coming. Some come out of the blue. Most of these conditions cannot be preempted, some not even by the CEO. Everyone has to deal with them as best they possibly can. Do we?

Table of Contents for Technical Paper 124

Section Titles:
Global R&D Spending & Leaders  3
Patterns or R&D Spending Behaviors   9
   01-Procyclicality 10
   02-Intensity 15
   03-Variability 20
   04-Emergency 25
   05-Discontinuity 28
   06-Anticipatory 32
   07-Divvy 35
   08-Sociology 38
Lessons From Industry Studies 41-45
Author Biography 46-47

Cited materials in this program include published research and analysis by the National Science Foundation, National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics, American Institute of Physics, R&D Magazine, Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and St. Louis, The Financial Times, Journal of Marketing, Engineering Management Journal, Pompeu Fabra University, INSEAD, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, BCG, Fortune, and Bloomberg Business among others.

Bibliographic references are provided for the numerous cases and examples we cite to enable all participants to further their investigation on the subjects of specific interest.

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