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Managed the design, construction, and production start-up of a metals processing factory. The project resulted in the consolidation of eight different manufacturing businesses into a single new manufacturing facility. Responsible for project, personnel, and financial management. The project involved architects, design engineers, several general contracting firms, and an internal staff in excess of one-hundred people. The plant would cost about $15 million to build today.

Managed the automation of a electronic component manufacturing, assembly, and test operation. The products being produced covered a wide range of circuit breakers, temperature controls, and motor controls. About 500 direct labor personnel were involved. Material handling, conveyer, and computerized control equipment was installed to significantly reduce the number of indirect labor personnel supporting the manufacturing operation. The project would cost about $5 million to complete today.

Re-built a small manufacturing plant following a natural disaster. The plant housed several different operations to prepare a variety of metal and plastic components for plating. Included were parts tumbling and de-greasing operations, brazing and annealing furnaces, and components storage areas. A large snow storm had caused the roof of the plant to collapse which damaged and shut down all operations.

Participated in a productivity improvement-cost reduction study for the world's largest intravenous bag manufacturing plant. Annual production was increased from 90 to 110 million bags per year, and labor costs were reduced by fifteen percent.

Participated in a project to overhaul the public transit bussing system for the City of St. Louis, Missouri. Specific responsibilities involved developing forecasts for all preventive and corrective maintenance requirements for the 1000 bus fleet, and the development of the facility requirements in ten station garages to perform the maintenance requirements.

Designed turn-key production facilities for a wide range of manufacturing operations and products. Production operations and products included: injection molding, wire and harness making, medical electrodes, screw machines, machined tools, circuit boards, electronic connectors, thermostatic and motor controls, bullet jackets, pen barrels, and metals bonding, cleaning, plating, and finishing.

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