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Business Strategy

Directed the development of a corporate company-wide strategic business plan for a $1 billion manufacturer of plastics and specialty chemicals.

Directed the development of a corporate company-wide strategic business plan for an $800 million manufacturer of electronic components.

Advised a globally-known brand company on product line management regarding expanding its product line from high-end markets to also include mass-merchandisers. To avoid brand dilution, product architecture, design, and packaging all needed changing.

Developed the sales and marketing strategy for a plastics manufacturer. The company moved away from declining markets which were moving off-shore and into new high-tech growth markets by leveraging their core competencies of plastics injection molding and insertion molding manufacturing.

Developed the sales and marketing strategy for a contract manufacturing company that primarily serviced the shoe industry. The company diversified into seven new markets which leveraged their core competencies of die-cutting, stamping, and embossing. A 25% increase in both revenues and profits was realized within a six month period and has been sustained for several years now.

Assisted a consumer electronics company in developing an approach to join into a partnership-like agreement with a nationwide retailer that involved both carrying the manufacturer's product lines and locating employees directly at the retailer's store locations to service in-store customers.

Participated in the acquisition of a Denver-based building automation company. Developed the five-year business, sales, and financing plans. Negotiated equity buy-out agreements with company principals and legal counsel.

Directed the development of department and/or function strategic business plans numerous times. Business areas include Marketing, R&D, Product Development, Manufacturing, Finance, and Human Resources.

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