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Business Systems

Co-managed the Information Systems function for a $125 million electronic connector manufacturer for an eight month period while recruiting a new CIO. Responsible for the daily management of twenty-five people in long-range and operational planning, the systems development and maintenance functions, plant information systems, and end-user support groups. Rationalized personnel needs and staffed key positions.

Performed assessments of the existing capabilities and future requirements of, and developed strategic/long-range architectures and implementation plans for, the Information Systems functions for numerous discrete and process manufacturers. Projects included; centralized, distributed, and de-centralized strategies; application software portfolio requirements; hardware, data, and technology architectures; organization and resource requirements; and budget requirements. The companies involved range from small single-site manufacturers to global manufacturers needing world-wide integration. For example:

  • $1 billion manufacturer of ABS plastics and specialty chemicals
  • $800 million manufacturer of electronic components, including resistors, capacitors and IC's
  • $300 million consumer electronics manufacturer
  • $125 million electronic connector manufacturer
  • $20 million manufacturer of fire alarm and fire control systems
  • $15 million manufacturer of ship-propulsion systems

Performed an assessment of the IS capabilities and plans for a $2.7 billion drug store company. The scope of the project included corporate headquarters, 9 distribution centers, and 2100 stores with general merchandise, pharmacy, and third-party operations. A 350 person Information Systems department supported the business.

Developed the long-range plan for the Human Resources and Payroll functions for a $300 million consumer electronics manufacturer with 2100 people in the North America and Europe. The project resulted in moving the HRM function to a leadership position within the company and within the industry in the management and use of technology to support human resource management needs.

Assisted in analyzing the merits of consolidating four divisional data centers for a large process manufacturer. The project involved all aspects of the data centers including: level of business support, financial considerations, and organization implications. A partial consolidation resulted.

Directed the enhancement of a merchandising, purchasing, and budgeting system for a large drug store company which managed and controlled $2.3 billion of costs annually. Project staff included five senior business managers and an 40 IS professionals to perform the work.

Directed the development of an Executive Reporting System to keep senior management abreast of the $100 million budget expenditures/growth for a $10 billion oil refining company. Managed the definition and implementation of numerous prototyping projects to create customized information systems to support senior management needs.

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