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Design-Manufacturing Systems

Participated in the development of an appropriate applications, data, hardware, and organization architecture for product development, engineering design CAE/CAD, engineering data management, and manufacturing engineering systems for a large aerospace company. The scope of the project included component and sub-assembly design, final assembly operations, and logistics and technical support and documentation functions.

Performed CIM needs-assessment projects at two $400 million plants for a large process manufacturer of agricultural chemicals. Each study was approximately one-week long and involved assessing the current state-of-CIM, and recommending additions and/or changes to the current CIM strategy.

Developed the applications, technology, and IS organization architecture for a large producer and printer of automotive and apparel textiles. Ten plants were owned or shared by each of four company operating divisions. Architectural strategy provided for division-autonomy; while supporting a high level of inter-divison business transactions at preferred transfer prices, and common sales and customer service support functions.

Performed a strategic assessment of the business systems and manufacturing systems capabilities and needs for the worlds largest monofilament polyester fiber plant. Results were used to support a five-year long planned overhaul of plant business and manufacturing systems.

Assisted a $300 million consumer electronics company in the decentralizing of their manufacturing systems to better support plant operating needs. Each of three divisions received ownership of a machine and staff to support packaged manufacturing software. Plants within a division were then linked to the division's machine, the largest plants received their own machine and software. Corporate guidelines were put in place to insure commonality wherever practical.

Directed the requirements definition, vendor selection, and implementation of closed loop order processing and MRP manufacturing systems for four companies: an electronic connector manufacturer, a job-shop manufacturer of ship propulsion systems, a repetitive manufacturer of actuators for robotics, and a manufacturer of custom fire alarm and control systems. Two companies used HP3000 environments with ASK MANMAN/OMAR/FINMAN software, one company used an IBM 4300 with COPICS, and one company used NCR hardware and applications software.

Managed numerous requirements definition and vendor selection projects for order processing, manufacturing, distribution, and financial systems. Implemented portions of many of these projects.

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