8 Practices That Boost Corporate Innovation

Webinar Description

Attaining the maximum entitlement for investments in innovation is the goal of just about every company. Every few years, waves of initiatives spread across the globe. In the 1980s, structured product development processes were the rage. In the 1990s, portfolio management came of age. In the 2000s, we pursued open innovation. In the 2010s, agile and flexible have been the focus.

By no means are these the only initiatives. CAD and CAE evolved to 3D, and now to full simulations of products and/or entire factories. Big data came to be and now we are analytics-crazy and hoping that AI will help to pinpoint in the years ahead where performance can be further optimized. There are dozens more examples that could be cited.

Across all these examples for the past four decades, innovation productivity has continued to decline. And the number is not small, a 65% decline as statistically calculated and published by Anne Marie Knott.

What then are responsible and conscientious professionals to do to maximize innovation in their companies? There is no silver bullet!

GGI does not have any silver bullets either. But we do have a great deal of experience, backed up by our own primary and secondary research and the research of others, that point to certain practices that have a high likelihood of increasing innovation performance. And, we have a bit of detail and insight on a number of approaches and techniques that have a high probability of increasing innovation performance and output. We have selected eight topics for this webinar.

Innovation Boosting Areas

• Strategic messaging
• Slotting projects and products
• Business plans and proposals
• Scrutinizing designs
• Pushing innovative thinking
• Managing competencies
• Modulating spending
• Measuring real performance

Innovation Entitlement

This webinar focuses on eight processes, tools, and techniques that are known to increase innovation creativity and execution, and/or the value of investments in innovation, in corporations. Some are strategic and soft in nature, such as communication and messaging. Some are tactical, such as combining products and IP in business plans. Others are process-oriented and spur raw innovation or the early detection of errors.

By no means are these the only strategies, tactics, and techniques that will get companies closer to their true level of innovation entitlement. But, if deployed properly, each of these eight items will better most companies.


Bradford L. Goldense, President, GGI

Brad Goldense has been focusing on the strategies, tactics, and operations of product management, development, and manufacturing since the 1980s.  He has authored over 300 publications and consulted to over 200 companies across the world.  Some 500 companies have participated in his seminars and masterclasses.  Mr. Goldense holds a BSCE from Brown University and an MBA from Cornell University; along with professional accreditations in new product development, engineering, manufacturing engineering, production and inventory management, and computing. Brad taught in the Executive Masters in Engineering Management program at the Gordon Institute of Tufts University for nineteen years.  He has appeared on World Business Review, CNBC, and PBS.


Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

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