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8 Practices That Boost Corporate Innovation: The Innovation Performance 10-9-8 Series Webinar -- September 27, 2018 @ 2:00 PM EDT. Industry Research by GGI

8 Practices That Boost Corporate Innovation is a one-hour webinar discussing eight great practices known to increase the overall results from investments in R&D and Product Development.

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Needham, Massachusetts — (PRWEB)— September 17, 2018 —   Attaining maximum returns from R&D spending is the goal of just about every company.

This webinar focuses on eight processes, tools, and techniques that are known to increase innovation effectiveness, and the returns from innovation spending, in corporations. Some are strategic and soft, such as communication and messaging. Some are tactical, such as combining products and IP in investment thinking. Others are operational and day-to-day in nature.

By no means are these the only approaches and activities that will get companies closer to their true level of innovation entitlement. But, if deployed properly, each of these eight items will improve corporate innovation performance.

Four Decades of Declining Innovation Productivity

Every few years, waves of new initiatives spread across the globe. In the 1980s, structured product development and definition processes improved performance. In the 1990s, product concepting and portfolio management rounded-out the structures but degraded responsibility and accountability. In the 2000s, industry scaled-back on structure while pursuing open innovation and implementing six sigma in innovation functions. In the 2010s, agile and flexible initiatives further reduced structure and emphasized fluid and iterative development techniques.

Each successive wave, for the past four decades, has resulted in innovation productivity declines. And the number is not small, 65% as published multiple times by HBR since 2012. What then are responsible and conscientious professionals to do, who strive to keep current with the latest industry initiatives, to maximize innovation in their companies?

Best Practices

"Best Practices" is an over-claimed term. Did you know that it takes two to three million dollars to codify a best practice? We can't promise that each of the eight practices is truly a Best Practice, but they are in the "Great Practices" category.

Webinar Description

The webinar will open by making the case that innovation output levels have been declining steadily for forty years, a 65% decline over the period. We will look at changes to portfolio management practices and R&D spending allocations over the past 2-3 decades. Then we will turn the corner and look at the six-year stretch of spending going on right now. This will put a smile on your face. We'll then describe each of the eight practices, and why they qualify as Great Practices, which is the focus of the program. There will be two polls.

A great time for innovation is on the horizon for many industries, after having to hold the line on innovation risk for the past decade or more. Don't miss the window of opportunity.


  • A long-view of innovation performance decline and a renewed sense of its importance.
  • Changes to portfolio management practices and where they appear to be right now.
  • A look at the next 5-7 years of innovation spending and what to expect based on recent trends.
  • 8 practices that boost corporate innovation in most industries.

GGI Experience

GGI was a pioneer of improved metrics and KPIs for innovation functions dating back to the 1980s. We initially built our business on metrics and have researched industry usage of metrics for years. We definitively contributed to industry adoption of some great metrics such as the Vitality Index and ROInnovation, the two fastest metrics to fully penetrate industry in the past five decades.

Founded in 1986, GGI has consulted to over 200 medium and large companies. Some 500 companies have participated in GGI's educational events. Since 1998 the company has performed primary and secondary research on R&D, product development, innovation, and metrics. With several hundred published articles and research reports, and an equal number of public and conference presentations, GGI is well qualified to offer value-added one-hour webinars to corporate innovation leaders and practitioners.

Brad Goldense, GGI's President and webinar presenter, taught practicing managers and executives for nineteen years in the Masters in Engineering Management program at The Gordon Institute of Tufts University weekend graduate-level program. Mr. Goldense, an engineer and MBA with four technical certifications and forty-years of experience, is proficient in disseminating practical knowledge and insights to professionals who are responsible for strategy and bottom-line performance.

For the past five years, Mr. Goldense has written "Goldense on R&D-Product Development," the inside back page article on engineering strategy and management for Informa's monthly Machine Design magazine. He is a frequent speaker at the International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly for three decades, and at the R&D 100 Conference that is held in conjunction with the R&D 100 Awards each year. Brad is a member of the judging panel for Design World's Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program - LEAP Awards.

Contact Information:
Bradford Goldense
Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI]
+1 781-444-5400 Ext: 205

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