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GGI Innovation Summit | Seminar Module Abstract 5 - Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation

Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation - Purpose

This module explores the relationship between innovation and the ability to tap into exiting sources of relevant knowledge. Earlier modules explored methods that enable problem solvers to think creatively and ask the right questions. This module shows how those questions, when cast in the right context, can cull out the relevant solutions from both internal and external knowledge sources.

Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation - Productivity

It is well understood that most problems have already been solved - if not directly then at least in part or analogously - but often in another discipline or industry. Yet, ironically, the rapidly multiplying worldwide technical information remains largely untapped - due to the mismatch between conventional search technologies and the concept-based needs of product and process designers. The same issues even obscure access to a company's tribal wisdom encoded in the many decades of its digital documents. Managers report that 30-60% of a design team's efforts are redundant to prior work. In today's time and resource-constrained development environment, such inefficiencies are no longer tolerable.

Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation - Semantic Technology

Semantic search technologies have been touted as a solution. In this module we explore the hype and reality of intelligent search. We conclude with an overview of software that exists today that can search global databases in their native language and return intelligent context-relevant results in at least five native languages.

This will give you a glimpse of Internet Protocol v6 - The Semantic Web.

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