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GGI Innovation Summit | Seminar Module Abstract 2 - CXO Innovation Drivers

CXO Innovation Drivers - Opportunities From The Corner Office

The words that Corporate Officers and Leaders of R&D utter and the values they hold high have a tremendous influence on the behavior of managers and employees.

Brad Goldense was the Subject Matter Expert for APQC's 2nd R&D Productivity Study. The study was focused on CXO-level strategic drivers of innovative and productive behavior in industry. Five global best practice partners were benchmarked by 15 sponsor companies. The results are simple and elegant regarding how infuences from the corner office can lift all.

CXO Innovation Drivers - What Industry Research Is Saying

At this same level of thinking, a number of research efforts have been undertaken by a number of notable firms in the past five years. GGI has been able to gain access to these published and semi-public works and will present and contrast several of the most meaningful innovation studies conducted in the past five years.

CXO Innovation Drivers - A Look Ahead

Primary research, conducted by GGI, gives an indication of the direction that strategically-directed innovation will take in the next five to ten years and the trends they are creating

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