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GGI Innovation Summit | Seminar Module Abstract 3 - Innovation Enablers & Tools

Innovation Enablers & Tools - Supply Begins To Meet Demand For Innovation

Since the early 1990s when time-to-market pressures invaded almost all sectors of industry, execution has been on the front burner. Only since 2004 has innovation begun to emerge as an equal priority to execution. We are at the beginning of a several decade market for tools that enable innovation.

In the early 1980s, only a handful of techniques and tools were focused on innovation. Edward DeBono's "Lateral Thinking�" and "Six Hats�" trademarked methods were among the few tools available. Genrich Altschuler's "Triz" methodology was available, but was only known in Russia.

GGI first started researching and tracking these tools in the late 1990s, then came the burst of demand in 2004-2005. Today we have identified over 250 techniques and/or tools that now exist. Many tools have already fallen by the wayside. New tools are now regularly emerging. What we are seeing has all the dynamics of new emergent market.

Innovation Enablers & Tools - Tools Differ In Scope & Applicability

Certain of these new tools drive breakthrough innovation while others drive incremental innovation. Certain of these tools are appropriate for softer products and consumer products, while others are appropriate for highly complex and technical products. Some tools are "fru-fru" in nature and make one laugh when applying them while other tools create serious cerebral challenges.

We will do a quick walk through of approximately 70 tools that are "generally available today" to corporations. GGI has categorized these 70 tools into five logical groups of increasing power and capability. The primary characteristics of the five groups, and our views as to the best application of these tools and their possible outcomes, will be provided.

Innovation Enablers & Tools - Industry Is Adopting Selected Types Of Tools

Primary research, conducted by GGI in 2008, takes these 70 tools a step further. We will be presenting statistically valid data on the degree of penetration of these tools in industry and the degree of usage for those tools that have penetrated industry.

In certain cases, individual tools are taking hold. In other cases, many tools within a category of application are taking hold. It will be a decade or more before any industry maturation curves begin on the emerging tool sets of innovation.

Innovation Enablers & Tools - Exercise: Creative Whack Pack

Exercise #1: This module will conclude with a group exercise to try out one of the "simpler" innovation tools. In five minutes, it is sure to get you out of the noise of the work day and focus your attention on the problem at hand - which is to innovate. We will break into groups and a case study problem will be posed. The Creative Whack Pack will guide your discussion. While this exercise is quite serious, we will all probably have some of the lighter moments of the day to conclude the day.

Top managers can influence a good deal. Having some taste of certain categories of enabling tools is certain to improve your understanding of the influences and outcomes these tools may create. Some tools require investment and training time while others are inexpensive and quick. Several examples will be put in front of you and several exercises will occur during the Summit towards this end. We start the Summit with this "easy tool."

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