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GGI Innovation Summit | Seminar Module Abstract 1 - Best Practice Innovation Processes

Best Practice Innovation Processes - History & Evolution

The Summit will begin with a chronology of the evolution of the management science of R&D and Product Development since industries first experienced time pressure and global price pressure beginning in the late 1970s.

We will identify seven step-function leaps in the construct of product development processes that have evolved into best practices since Dr. Cooper's original stage-gate theory work in the mid 1980s. Participants will be able to compare their own NPD process frameworks and then be able to determine the generation of the process currently used by their company.

Best Practice Innovation Processes - Innovativeness Of Tools & Techniques Today

Primary research, conducted by GGI in 2004, sheds light on the inherent innovativeness of today's product development processes and the popular tools that most companies use regularly in their processes. For example, which technique do you think is more innovative, FMEA or a Technical Feasibility analysis. About twenty tools are profiled. Six "power tools" are identified.

Best Practice Innovation Processes - The Decade Ahead

Primary research conducted by GGI, and supplemented by some of the best research firms in the world, gives an indication of the direction that product development processes will take in the next five to ten years.

GGI sees four major trends, and there are certain to be others. First there will become a degree of refinement with regrard to the applicability of the Innovation Body of Knowledge. There will also be changes to and growth in the practices of Advanced Development and Intellectual Property along with the active management and maintenance of Functional-Technical Competencies. Necessarily, new measures and metrics are emerging and will continue to emerge to support and manage any growth or change.

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