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R&D - Product Development Articles by Dr. Moukwa

Year / Month Magazine Article Title
2007 November Business TodayOld Canvas, Fresh Colors
2008 October Chemical WorldRising Crude Prices A Lacklustre World For Paints
2008 December Chemical WorldBiotechnology Emerging Opportunities
2009 April Chemical WorldM&As In The Paint & Coatings Industry - Creating New Forces
2009 April Search - The Industrial SourcebookOverall demand in the paint sector
2009 June Chemical WorldIndian companies vs MNC's - The Race Is Still On
2009 August Chemical WorldGreen Chemistry - The New Currency.
2009 October Chemical WorldInstitutional Dilema - Painting a Big Picture
2009 December Chemical WorldCarbon Credits - Painting a Green Picture
2010 February Chemical WorldArchitectural Paints - Green Solution to Mitigate Global Warming
2010 April Chemical WorldIndian Paint Industry - On a Growth Path
2010 June Chemical WorldChemicals & Coatings Market - Tiding Over Troubled Waters
2010 July Chemical WorldDecorative Paints - Depicting 'Greener' Opportunities
2010 August Chemical WorldBottom of Pyramid - Market Full of Fortune
2010 October Chemical WorldLarge and Diversified Entitites - Does Size Matter?
2010 December Chemical WorldMethyl-methacrylate Shortage - Facing the New Reality
2011 February Chemical WorldREACH - Changing the Nature of Regulatory Framework
2011 April Chemical WorldGlobal Economic Recovery - On The Right Track?
2011 August Chemical WorldEmerging Markets - Destination Next for Paint Manufacturers
2011 October Chemical WorldFinancial Turmoil in Global Markets - Dark Shadows - Emerging Economies
2011 December Chemical WorldBouyant Despite Economic Downturn
2012 April Chemical WorldProduct Fragmentation To Open New Avenues
2012 August Chemical WorldMergers and Acquisitions Not A Big Deal Anymore
2012 August Chemical WorldSoaring Oil Prices Pose a Growth Threat
2012 October Chemical WorldA Long-term Outlook for a Big Haul
2012 December Chemical WorldThe New Economic Reality
2013 February Chemical WorldStrategic Alternatives Must Create Value for Shareholders
2013 May Chemical WorldOf Possibilities and Bright Prospects for M&As