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9th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit

This Summit has already been held. Please visit our current Innovation Summit.


This Summit will provide participants with a comprehensive snapshot of the Innovation Body of Knowledge for product creation-development-marketing-commercialization functions, with specific emphasis on top management enablers to direct these activities. GGI, a 25-year old company, consults and performs both primary and secondary research on innovation and measurement. Our first goal is to codify the current management science of innovation in corporations for our participants. The Summit will synthesize both what is known and what actually works in companies. Our approach will be as factual and quantitative as possible for the subject matter. We constantly refresh the content of the Summit and its Coursebook. There will be four interactive exercises so everyone samples some key techniques that they might be directing some day. Several of our participants have said, "GGI's Summit is an Executive MBA on the subject of Innovation.

Our second goal will be to project a bit of the future in corporate innovation knowledge and capabilities in the coming decade. For example, Innovation and Intellectual Property will have much more overlap than they have had in the past. For example, did you know that a benchmark case was settled by the courts in January 2011 that will significantly affect revenues from IP in 2011 and thereafter? For example, Marketing and Engineering/Development organizations will be brought closer together in the future. The most critical organization interface for product development is the Marketing-Engineering interface. For example, Open Innovation will simply evolve into a more sophisticated Supply-Chain activity and become business as usual. For example, R&D Spending will become more bimodal with significant additional funding going to Advanced Development activities. These are but a few of the major trends that are pretty certain at this time.

At the conclusion of the Summit, participants will be current with the management science and will have a glimpse of the future. Executives wishing to put themselves and their fellow company leaders in a better position to direct and drive innovation and invention should consider this venue.


The ability of top managers and professionals to direct and manage Innovation in their companies is the focus of the 9th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit. The Innovation Summit will be held Tue/Wed/Thur June 21-23, 2011 in metro Boston. The Innovation Summit is a fact and data driven three-day seminar and workshop focused on the select areas of innovation and intellectual property that are tangible and actionable by corporations and their managers.

Summit Description

Our quantitative approach to innovation in R&D, Product Development, and Product Commercialization activities emphasizes benchmarking both current performance and leading trends regarding issues that top professionals have to deal with and the decisions that they have to make. For example, do you know which activities and techniques your company currently uses that contribute the most to innovation versus those that simply improve execution? Technical Feasibility Analysis is one of the six most innovative techniques! For example, do you know that there are over 250 available tools and techniques your company could choose to deploy that would likely increase overall creativity and innovativeness? And, that there are about 50 tools worth considering. Some actually increase domain knowledge!

Has your company incorporated any of these innovation tools into its Product Development Process to complement DOE, FMEA, Design Reviews and the numerous other execution-oriented tools that dominate most PDPs? For example, do you know the metrics that are emerging in industry that best capture and/or drive innovative behavior and results at the corporate level? A new "Return On Innovation - ROI" formula is one of them! For example, do you know how to categorize and communicate your registered and unregistered Intellectual Property to maximize market capitalization values by Wall Street analysts? Some frameworks are now several years in practice and are giving companies a leg up on their competitors!

The 8 Innovation Modules

The content of the Summit is organized into 8 modules. The duration of each module and the flow over the three days is in our Summit ATaGLANCE. There is a Summit Brochure. Companies who have participated in prior GGI Summits may be of interest, along with selected Testimonials. In summary, the eight modules are:

  1. Best Practice Innovation Processes
  2. Corporate-Level & Tactical-Level Innovation Drivers
  3. Innovation Enablers & Tools: 5 Groups & 50 Items
  4. Three Key Innovation Tools & Techniques
  5. Semantic Technologies & Knowledge-Enabled Innovation
  6. Best Practice IP Valuation, Management, & Communication
  7. Open & Outsourced Innovation Frameworks
  8. Innovation Metrics & Rewards

Summit participants will receive a complimentary pdf copy our 2008 Primary Research on "Tangible Innovation: Innovation Environment, Innovation Processes, Innovation Branding, Innovation Tools, and Top C-Level Innovation Metrics," along with permission to post it on your company intranet. This report may be found at, Mindbranch, and other research disributors. This is a significant value when combined with the Summit.

Who Should Come

The subject matter of the Summit is geared to top-level executives that manage entire organizations, departments, and budgets; and to senior program management professionals. Directors and leaders of market, technology, product, and IP creation activities will gain a better understanding of the tools and techniques that are available today to systematically embed a culture of innovation and invention. One size does not fit all. The techniques that a "pure innovator strategy" company might pursue are often different than a company that wishes a "balanced product portfolio strategy." Numerous companies have brought teams of officers ranging from three to ten in size in the quest to develop an improved and systematic ability to innovate across their employee base.

We always offer significant discounts to companies that bring Company Teams of three or more people, $254 per person.

Reserve your place today - space is limited. Visit us online to Register.

Summit Faculty

This Summit will be led by Bradford L. Goldense, an internationally recognized expert on R&D and product development innovation and metrics. He will be accompanied by John M. Cronin, a leading authority on intellectual property management and valuation and the creator of IBM's Patent Factory. James W. Todhunter, EVP & CTO of Invention Machine Corporation will discuss semantic technology and knowledge-enabled innovation; and demonstrate one of the world's most powerful innovation tools for technical, business, and legal professionals. John R. [Dick] Power, a subject matter expert in program and project delivery, will instruct and lead discussions.  Dr. Hans Ludi, a subject matter expert in diagnostics and clinical sciences, will instruct and lead discussions. Together, the five faculty have over one-hundred fifty years of industry experience.


Our location is convenient from either Boston-Logan or Providence-Green [great rates] airport. Mention GGI's Summit when you call the hotel. This newly upgraded Sheraton Conference Facility is completely wi-fi, has all amenities, a great walking trail, and boasts a five star chef. For more information about the conference hotel, alternative hotel accommodations, transportation, restaurants, and other information, please visit the I'm Already Registered web site.

For more information about Goldense Group, Inc., a twenty-six year old internationally recognized company in the areas of product development and measurement, go to the GGI Home Page, or give us a call at 781-444-5400.

We hope you will be able to join us in June for some Tangible Innovation!™

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! Thank you for considering our Summit !
R&D Product Development Innovation Metrics Seminar Summit