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GGI RapidNews R&D Product Development eZine: Volume 3, Issue 10, December 2, 2002
GGI RapidNews is published approximately once a month.

In This Issue

BOOK REVIEW - 60 Trends in 60 Minutes (part one of three)

MANAGEMENT PRODUCTIVITY - Internet Resources for Design

NEW BIENNIAL SURVEY - 2002 RD&E Survey Results available soon

TELEVISION EVENT - Alexander Haig's World Business Review


FEATURED I-STORE ITEM - 1998 Product Development Metrics Research Summary

UPCOMING CONFERENCES & SEMINARS - Worldwide Business Research's Innovate 2002 Conference



60 Trends in 60 Minutes, by Sam Hill. John Wiley & Sons; August, 2002, 1st edition. 282 pages.

Marketing guru Sam Hill explains the trends that will have the biggest effects on marketing, brand management and product development. This book will help you to move from merely observing trends to understanding and profiting from them, through trend analysis. Trend analysis "means systematically dismantling a trend to understand what is behind it, why it is or isn't important, how it will manifest itself in the day-to-day world, and when it will break into the mainstream." The book also describes the "Trendblasting" process, a workshop to get at the heart of a trend and develop opportunities rapidly.

Trends from this book will be presented in three installments. This month's trends fall into the categories of "Economic and geopolitical trends" and "Technological trends."

60 Trends, Part One:

Economic and geopolitical trends
1. Interconnectedness: A billion people on the Internet by 2005
2. Little India is coming: 145 million people living outside their home country
3. My Oh My, Megalopoli: 63 cities of five million by 2015
4. Barbarians at the gated community: One of 12 American households is a millionaire
5. Comrade Adam Smith: 52 percent of Americans in 1998 owned stock
6. The incredible growing government: Congress can pass 1,000 laws in 300 days
7. Balkanization: UN members double since 1961
8. Company states: 40,000 multinationals
9. Babelization: 175 languages spoken in U.S.
10. Instant obsolescence: A patent is filed every three minutes

Technological trends
1. Infinite reach: 21 million smart phones in three years
2. Swarm to warm: Fastest growing metro areas are in south
3. Pills 'R' Us: $121 billion worth of prescription drugs in 2000
4. Itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny, little microscopic machines: 80 companies involved in micro-machines
5. Bionicism: Replacement parts for the human body are big business
6. It ain't heavy, it's my product, brother: First cell phone weighed two and a half pounds
7. Down in the data mine: 90 percent of data hasn't been mined
8. One extra lifetime per person, please: Since 1951 life span has increased by six years
9. Helpless in Seattle: Most people don't understand the technology they use

Next month, look for Social and Consumer trends.


The Internet has certainly had a great effect on product development, improving everything from information sharing to rapid prototyping. Web-based intranet sites can be a repository for a project's key information, past work (for reference), all product development process documentation, and links to resources. This month we present a list of Internet resources for R&D engineers, grouped by type.

General Engineering

The Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library

Standards & Specifications

GGI Gateways: Products - Specification Sources


GGI Gateways: Patent and Trademark Information
Delphion Research Intellectual Property Network (patent search database)


Usenets (formerly
Product vendor sites, customer/user support
GGI Gateways: Professional and Trade Associations (discussion groups)
Eng-Tips Forums for Engineering Professionals

This is just a small listing of the vast array of resources on the Web for product development folks. A useful resource page with even more links for engineers can be found at .

For more information, please refer to the following articles:
Losey, Mary. "Engineers Reveal Their Best Browser Bookmarks." Machine Design, November 18, 1999, pp. 52-54.
Teschler, Leland. "Advice On-Line for Engineers." Machine Design, January 14, 1999, pp. 67-72.
Eads, Rick. "Web-style intranet speeds design flow." IEEE Spectrum, June, 2000, pp. 75-79.
Sikes, Don. "Using Project Websites to Streamline Communications." PM Network, June, 2000, pp. 73-75.
Connolly, John. "The World Wide Web's Impact on Product Development." Time-Compression Technologies, January/February, 2001, pp. 23-28.
Child, Jeff. "Get Ready to Do Your Engineering 'Internet Style.'" Electronic Design, January 11, 1999, pp. 109-111.


2002 RD&E Survey - Resource & Capacity Management: The composite results of this year's Product Development Metrics Survey were first presented to the public by Brad Goldense at Management Roundtable's Metrics Conference on October 29 in Chicago. Survey participants have received the 100+-page Executive Summary detailing the results, including graphics and analysis of the data. By mid-December GGI will be publishing the 3 versions of the survey results reports that we offer for sale to the public: the text-only Highlights report, the Summary report of composite results, and the detailed Results report (with "special cuts" which are segment results). These reports will be available in the Market Research section of GGI's iStore
( ), and we will notify you when these become available.


Alexander Haig's World Business Review: Brad Goldense has made several appearances on Alexander Haig's World Business Review, and more are on the way. The next show will air on December 15, 2002. Below is the link to find the specific December 15 airtimes in your area. Additionally, several previous shows are now available on streaming video. See below for details.

August 4th On-Location at GGI (3.5 minutes): This On-Location field report is now available in streaming video on GGI's website. To see the program, go to:

The web page includes links to download a streaming video player, if you do not currently have one installed on your computer.

September 29th In-Studio with Alexander Haig (22.5 minutes): This In-Studio program aired nationwide and internationally on the PBS Business and Technology Network (a subscription service) and on Tech TV from September 29 through October 13. Streaming video for this segment (as well as the entire 30-minute show) is now available at:

December 15 In-Studio with Alexander Haig (7.5 minutes) on CNBC paid programming: This In-Studio interview will air nationwide on Sunday, December 15. For specific broadcast times in your area, go to:

December 2002 United Airlines In-Flight Console (22.5 minutes): This In-Studio interview, which originally aired on September 29, will be shown on United Airlines international flights during the month of December 2002. For a list of flights, go to:

For more information on any of Brad's appearances on television, go to:


GTK-Gateways To Knowledge: Your resource for industry and product development related information and contacts offers thousands of links to providers of technologies and services for line management functions. The main entrance to GTK can be found at:

One of our top 3 MEGA Gateways is the Service Providers MEGA Gateway, a listing of hundreds of links to firms that provide services ranging from Accounting or Advertising to CAD, Market Research or Venture Capital. The Service Providers MEGA Gateway is located at:

Investor Relations: Find it in the Service Providers MEGA Gateway. This NEW Gateway offers links to companies that provide Investor Relations services. The URL is located at:

Another top MEGA Gateway is the Technology Providers MEGA Gateway, which is a directory of hundreds of links organized by technical topic (hardware and software). The Technology Providers MEGA Gateway can be found at:

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing): Find it in the Technology Providers MEGA Gateway. This NEW Gateway offers links to companies that provide Online Analytical Processing software. The URL is located at:


Featured Item: GGI's iStore features one deeply discounted offering which usually runs for more than one month. The Featured Item is the "1998 Product Development Metrics Research Summary."

This 88-page report presents the detailed results of GGI's 1998 Product Development Metrics Survey, which focused on metrics systems in use in industry as well as rewards and recognition for product development performance. The report is organized in 5 sections, each of which contains factual observations, management analysis and a full set of graphics. This report, which analyzes the survey population of 190 respondents as a whole, will provide you with detailed information on

1. Types, frequency of, and specific metrics in use,
2. The state of corporate metrics,
3. The state of project metrics, including standardization,
4. Linkages from team performance in new product development activities to rewards and recognition, and
5. How companies are implementing metrics systems.

The price for the report has been dropped from $1760.00 to $1056.00, a deep discount of 40%. For more information or to purchase this valuable report, go to


Worldwide Business Research "Innovate 2002:" Worldwide Business Research will hold its conference, "Innovate 2002" on December 4-5, 2002 in San Antonio, Texas. Innovate 2002 focuses on the theme of Optimizing collaborative product design, engineering and manufacturing to increase speed to market, improve time to volume and cut costs. The conference features keynote speaker Mike Morton, Director Global Product Development, General Motors, as well as case studies and workshops.

As part of the Special Post-Conference Performance Metrics & Benchmarking Summit on Friday, December 6, Brad Goldense will lead a workshop on "Metrics For Managing RD&E Resources & Capacity: A Survey Of North American Manufacturers and High-Tech Companies." He will present the results of results of GGI's 2002 Product Development Metrics Survey.

For more information, go to:



GGI RapidNews is an e-mail publication from Goldense Group, Inc (GGI). Its subject matter includes survey findings, company news, book reviews, key industry conferences and R&D information of interest to clients and associates. Please send communications to rn(at) Thank you.