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13th Summit on the State of R&D-Product Development Innovation:  Increasing The Top Line

NEEDHAM, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — October 13, 2015 — The corporate quest to master the ability to innovate began in the 1990s. Prahalad, Hamel, Moore, Utterback, and Christensen's writings seeded the field.   In 2004, Business Week published its first ranking of the Top Innovative Companies and the innovation race was on.

For two decades now the innovation body of knowledge has been growing and refining at the same time.   Models and frameworks by esteemed consultancies and research firms have come and gone, as have about half of the initial vendors of facilitating techniques and software.   Of course, what worked has remained.

All companies are quite lean as of 2015 and few markets are growing rapidly.  Growth and profit will have to derive from having a better product portfolio than one's competitors.  There is little fat left to cut.   The mastery of innovation is essential to revenue and profit growth in the years ahead.   Increasing abilities to monetize and trade the value of intellectual property assets make innovations transactible commodities, furthering innovation's importance.

GGI held our first Innovation Summit in January 2006, about two years time-to-market after the Business Week list was published.   We could predict the inevitable availability of a myriad of solutions appearing.   By 2012, GGI had held 11 Summits on the State-of-Innovation.   In 2015, GGI completely refreshed our Innovation Summit and held our 12th Innovation Summit in April 2015.   Comments from Summit Alumni were quite positive on the State-of-Innovation in 2015.

GGI's 13th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit will be held December 8-10, 2015 in the greater Boston area.  This information intensive event, targeted to medium and large corporations, draws on findings from over fifty secondary research sources and GGI's fifteen years of primary research on product development, innovation, IP, and metrics.

This Summit holds the content to empower executives and thought leaders with the state-of-the-state knowledge needed to increase corporate product portfolio and brand valuations from innovation and IP improvements in their companies.   From a CEO/CXO perspective, this Summit covers strategies, tactics, tools, software, metrics, and the rewards that top people have to decide about to increase corporate productivity through innovation.

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