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Groundbreaking Primary Research by Goldense Group, Inc. on Intellectual Property Management and R&D Processes and Metrics

NEEDHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--January 6, 2005-- Needham, MA-based Goldense Group, Inc. (GGI) announces results of its fourth biennial study, the 2004 Product Development Metrics Survey. Groundbreaking primary research in the processes, tools, and systems companies use to manage intellectual property (IP) reveals the level of attention companies are now paying to this increasingly critical asset. Increased use of a rigorous product selection process and metrics for research and development (R&D) are encouraging signs of progress.

Biennially since 1998, GGI surveys industry on product development practices and metrics. GGI's 2004 Survey was conducted by sending questionnaires to a wide distribution of product development professionals in industry, in North America, Europe and Asia. Replies were received from 202 companies in a range of industries. Respondents completed 75 questions covering demographics and the following five areas: product selection process, product selection tools, IP management process, IP management tools, and top corporate metrics. The 2004 survey was completed by respondents from April through early August 2004 and published in October 2004.

GGI's research found that nearly half of companies now use the most rigorous product selection process, ultimately leading to better marketplace success and less wasted resources. Groundbreaking research on IP management revealed largely informal practices while some companies are aggressively capitalizing on their IP's value and potential for revenue generation, through licensing and selling IP. Usage of overall R&D performance metrics has increased.

A detailed description of the research is on GGI's web site:, click on "Description - Research." Click on "Description - Product" to obtain selected results and an overview of available reports.

Reports summarizing GGI's research are available through GGI offers survey results in three reports of increasingly detailed description and analysis: Highlights (MR31 - executive summary), Summary (MR32 - middle-management-level view), and Results (MR34 - detail-level view).

About Goldense Group, Inc.

Goldense Group, Inc. is a consulting and educational firm specializing in leading edge management techniques and technologies used by line management functions. GGI is considered one of the top small consultancies in R&D and product development in North America, and a thought leader in quantitative analysis and metrics for R&D and product development.

Contact Information: Richard James, Research Director at Goldense Group, Inc. 781-444-5400 x202

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