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9 KPIs That Capture Innovation Performance: The Innovation Performance 10-9-8 Series Webinar -- August 23, 2018 @ 2:00 PM EDT. Industry Research by GGI

9 KPIs That Capture Innovation Performance will focus on key metrics and measures that capture and facilitate corporate innovation performance in a one-hour webinar.

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Needham, Massachusetts — (PRWEB)— August 9, 2018 —   The purpose of this program is to improve the corporate signal-to-noise ratio for innovation KPIs that really matter. These nine metrics are not the only innovation KPIs that matter, but they are nine of the metrics that do matter.

Signal-To-Noise:  For ten years now, inexpensive big data and the cloud has enabled capturing huge amounts of information. Analytics and early-AI then generate information about the information. Today, the total amount of knowledge across the globe is doubling roughly every 1.2 years.

Technology advances aside, there have always been a lot of metrics in R&D and Product Development. The number of unique metrics numbers close to 1000. There are metrics for projects, products, processes, technologies, functional and technical disciplines, levels of innovation, and a dozen more R&D and product development innovation-related subjects. Nearly all these measures get presented to CXOs. This reduces the amount of time spent on the truly important innovation performance measures.

Essential KPIs:  This webinar will focus on 9 metrics that collectively drive and capture "overall innovation performance." These 9 KPIs apply to any business unit, division, or corporate organization, that is responsible for both revenues and costs in order to maximize profit and shareholder return. And, of course, they apply to the corporation as a whole.

The 9 metrics, as a group, go a long way to capturing the true performance of corporate investments in innovation. You may recognize a few of the metrics, but we will expand your knowledge of the measure -- and its benefits and drawbacks. For the metrics you do not recognize, we hope to introduce you to some great key performance indicators that your company will choose to adopt.

The 9 KPI Take-Aways

  • Receive a list of the Top 20 metrics that industrial and high-tech companies use today.
  • Learn of new-to-the-world metrics that are on the road to widespread industry adoption.
  • Obtain 9 KPIs that collectively facilitate and capture top innovation performance.
  • See overall measurement trends above the noise that arrives in your mailbox each day.

The 9 KPIs

  • VI
  • ROIn
  • ADROIn
  • R&DP
  • R&DE
  • A1YS
  • ROC
  • RQ
  • DHT

Join us for an intellectual hour with business professionals to discuss nine great metrics that really get at corporate innovation performance, with no analytical spin or promotion by GGI.

References to all cited materials are provided in detail to enable participants to independently follow-up on the metrics and KPIs of specific interest.

GGI Experience

GGI was a pioneer of improved metrics and KPIs for innovation functions dating back to the 1980s. We initially built our business on metrics and have researched industry usage of metrics for years. We definitively contributed to industry adoption of some great metrics such as the Vitality Index and ROInnovation, the two fastest metrics to fully penetrate industry in the past five decades.

Founded in 1986, GGI has consulted to over 200 medium and large companies. Some 500 companies have participated in GGI's educational events. Since 1998 the company has performed primary and secondary research on R&D, product development, innovation, and metrics. With several hundred published articles and research reports, and an equal number of public and conference presentations, GGI is well qualified to offer value-added one-hour webinars to corporate innovation leaders and practitioners.

Brad Goldense, GGI's President and webinar presenter, taught practicing managers and executives for nineteen years in the Masters in Engineering Management program at The Gordon Institute of Tufts University weekend graduate-level program. Mr. Goldense, an engineer and MBA with four technical certifications and forty-years of experience, is proficient in disseminating practical knowledge and insights to professionals who are responsible for strategy and bottom-line performance.

For the past five years, Mr. Goldense has written "Goldense on R&D-Product Development," the inside back page article on engineering strategy and management for Informa's monthly Machine Design magazine. He is a frequent speaker at the International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly for three decades, and at the R&D 100 Conference that is held in conjunction with the R&D 100 Awards each year. Brad is a member of the judging panel for Design World's Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program - LEAP Awards.

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Bradford Goldense
Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI]
+1 781-444-5400 Ext: 205

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