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Research on Market, Financial, and Sociological Cases Quantifies the Impact on Corporate Returns from Innovation Spending: 8 Conditions That Impact R&D Spending Results

8 Conditions That Impact R&D Spending Results is a one-hour live recorded program by GGI discussing emerging analytics showing the impacts that conditions, ranging from recessions and market blips to social demographics to management decisions that change funding levels, have on Rates of Return and Return On Investment for R&D and Product Development.

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Needham, Massachusetts — (PRWEB)— October 24, 2018 —  This first of three programs is weighted to events, conditions, and management decisions and actions that have a negative or surprise impact on ROI and overall innovation performance. Some of them are controllable, some are not.

Industry research identified eight conditions ranging from spending decisions in boom and bust periods, to overspending and underspending, to the impacts of variable spending and negative events on output and productivity, and their various effects on program or corporate performance. Each of these conditions impacts ROI, time-to-market, or patent rates in some way.

We'll introduce the program by contrasting the R&D spending patterns of the largest R&D spending countries in the world, quickly move that discussion from a country-level to industry-level, then look at the impacts over the past twenty years of both spending strategy and economic fluctuations. The 8 Conditions That Impact R&D Spending Results are all very real. The program goal is to put participants in a better position to lessen the effects when stuff happens, or you are directed to make stuff happen.

Bibliographic references are provided for the numerous cases and examples we cite to enable all participants to further their investigation on the subjects of specific interest.

Join us on November 8, 2018 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time for this initial program on 8 Conditions that have negative or surprise effects on ROI and RoR from corporate innovation spending.

The R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series

Do you get the most out of investments in Research, Product Development, and Innovation? Big data analytics are being used by large consulting and market research firms, and by academic researchers around the globe. Together, there are many findings. Our research discoveries are organized into three subject areas: negative and surprise effects, positive and opportunity effects, and metrics that incorporate R&D Spending in their calculations.

8 Metrics That Quantify R&D Spending Performance

The second program is on metrics that utilize R&D Spending in their calculation. The KPIs we discuss range from corporate metrics that are either reported to Wall Street or used by analysts and CFOs, to measures that help to divvy-up funds across business units of different purposes and performance levels, to measures that improve the ranking of investments, to measures that can be used to modulate overspending or underspending for corporate and industry considerations.

8 Actions That Increase R&D Spending Output

The third and final program is weighted to events, conditions, and management decisions and actions that have a positive or opportunistic impact on ROI and overall innovation performance. All are controllable. We describe eight actions ranging from good CXO behaviors, to data sciences and digital posturing, to timing new product announcements and actively competing for awards, that increase output and outcomes from R&D spending.

Applicability of The Collective Findings

The 8-8-8 Series is an enabling program for professionals that set the budget, are accountable for the budget, spend any part of the budget, or are responsible for output, performance, and results from R&D Spending. Techniques in this three-part series will improve product, project, and/or corporate-level Rates of Return and Return On Investment.

Registration or Recordings

We hope you join us live. If your schedule conflicts, or you would prefer to have a recording for yourself or a management meeting discussion, edited recordings are available. Demo and Full-Length recordings of completed programs on other innovation topics, lasting 4-5 minutes each, are available on GGI's The Tangible Innovation Channel.

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