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Best Practice Corporate R&D Spending Techniques Emerge thanks to Big Data Analytics and Interest Around the Globe: 8 Actions That Increase R&D Spending ROI

"8 Actions That Increase R&D Spending Output" is a one-hour live program by GGI discussing eight areas where changes to common spending and prioritization practices produce extra ROI. We are at the beginning of twenty years of discovery, as big data analytics unravel the mysteries of R&D Spending and its ultimate results some 5-12 years after innovation investments are made. Already, there are more than a dozen areas where excess returns have been identified. Actions that can be taken range from prescribing analysis and decision-making approaches on spending to specific areas and activities that should receive investment across programs and product portfolios. 8 Actions That Increase R&D Spending Output will be held January 10, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern.

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Needham, Massachusetts — (PRWEB)— December 31, 2018 —  This unique program focuses on eight actions that positively influence output and financial performance from R&D Spending. If you act on these spending and spending-related items, expect results.

The program highlights specific examples of recent and emerging management science indicating increased and positive outcomes can be attained from a variety of activities involving R&D Spending.

Years go by between the time a decision to develop a product is made and the time that commercial results can be seen in corporate financial statements and on Wall Street. However, it is that initial decision to spend money on research and development that generates those business and market results years later. R&D Spending is where it starts, and is the common thread.

The Program

(1) We'll open by looking at highlights from the NSF's September 2018 report on business innovation in the USA. It is interesting that some of the discretionary focus areas that the NSF selected for its 2017 business innovation survey tie-in to the eight action areas. (2) We'll then examine each of the eight different areas where some fairly simple actions can make a difference. All 8 Actions are within company control. We describe factors ranging from good CXO behaviors, to data sciences and digital posturing, to timing new product announcements, to approaches to compete for awards, to gains from business licensing. All 8 Actions increase output and outcomes. We'll show you the numbers. (3) We'll conclude by characterizing the additional benefits that companies can attain from excellence in R&D Spending. (4) There will be two polls. (5) Complete bibliographic references are provided for the numerous cases and examples we cite to enable all participants to further their investigation on any subject.

The 8 Actions

  •  Knowing Behavioral Impacts
  •  Replacing Your Own Products
  •  Utilizing Big Data Analytics
  •  Adopting Digital Postures
  •  Elevating Industrial & UI Design
  •  Timing Product Announcements
  •  Achieving Award Recognitions
  •  Leveraging IP Licensing


  •  The significance of replacing your own products.
  •  The returns from analytics and digitizing products.
  •  The market value of product announcements.
  •  The value of competing in awards programs.
  •  The worth of added returns from IP licensing.

The R&D Spending Performance 8-8-8 Webinar Series

The 8-8-8 Series consists of three programs that each cover a different area of emerging management science related to R&D Spending. Each program stands on its own. The first program covered ways to deal with unexpected events, and patterns and surprises of business and economic cycles. The second program covered ways to deploy specific R&D Spending metrics at the program, corporate, and market levels to gauge R&D Spending performance. The third program, this press release, discusses certain R&D Spending practices and investment activities that can produce best-in-class results.

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