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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 18

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"It opened me up to many possibiliies I hadn't considered, as well as a framework. Helped me to do a lot of thinking."

-Bradley McIlwee, Program Manager, Product Development, Harley-Davidson

"Impedance mismatch to scrum will take some thought."

-Hans Samios, Agile Coach & Scrum Master, Intergraph

"Overall, the GGI Metrics Summit was a great learning experience for me as a young professional working in the Global Consumer Portfolio Management Group at Johnson & Johnson."

-Tom Watkinson, Lead Analyst, Global Portfolio, Johnson & Johnson

"Useful to R&D Management."

-Suiying Su, Business Operations Consultant, RSA Security - An EMC Company

"Great opportunity to learn about applying these valuable management tools to drive the business."

-Kevin Yentz, Global Program Management Consultant, RSA Security - An EMC Company

"Time-tested methods and best practices applicable to any business. Well articulated ."

-Jaan Leemet, SVP, Advanced Technology, Tangoe

"Excellent tools ."

-Alejandro Morones, Director, Comex

"Good learning experience. Great knowledge and data to bring back to the company."

-Kyle Amendola, Portfolio Manager, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

"Overall good."

-Bhushan Deshpande , Manager, Product Development, Techmer PM

"A good summary of metrics and tools available and used in R&D."

-Rochelle Hamer, Division Technical Leader, Medical Products, W. L. Gore & Associates