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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 17

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"Eye Opening."

-Mark Davis, Engineering Manager, Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

"A very useful set of R&D Metrics and ample explanations and applications discussed."

-Philip Kasprzyk, Senior Manager, II-VI Incorporated

"A great teamwork learning environment highly recommended for multiple participants from the same company."

-Chris Shigley, VP, Information Technology, II-VI Incorporated

"Great Learning Experience."

-Mehboob Kadri, Sr. Programming Manager, Medtronic, Inc.

"You get what you measure & this seminar reinforced that! Informative, pragmatic and actionable."

-Barbara Kastanek, Director, Engineering, Medtonic, Inc.

"Great for the tech transfer industry."

-Philippe Lapierre, Director, MSBi Valorisation

"This was a geat way to get an overview of different metrics we could apply in our organizaiton."

-Giovanni Villacres, Manager, Commercializtion, National Oilwell Varco

"Brad is a very knowledgeable presenter with usable tools to implement."

-Yvonne Holland, Sr. VP, Product Development & CIO, Ross Video

"Made me really examine what I was trying to achieve in R&D."

-Dan Jackson, VP, Engineering Services, Ross Video

"Mind stretching exercise in metrics methodology and development."

-Giles Mathieu, Director, Quality Assurance, Ross Video

"This is an eye-opening workshop for R&D management."

-Jill Zhang, President, Sysdyne Technologies, LLC

"The workshop provided the tools necessary to support/prove well understood, but not corporately/politically popular, need for change."

-John Stammetti, Manager, Engineering, Varian Medical Systems

"Worthwhile & Insightful"

-Bryan Elanko, Sr. Analyst, Commercialization, National Oilwell Varco

"Very thorough for a complex subject."

-Zahid Sharif, Sr. Project Manager, Global Product Development, Rockline Industries

"Excellent course content with well qualified instructors."

-Laura Williams, Sr. Project Manager, Global Product Development, Rockline Industries

"What gets measured gets done, so be strategic on what and how you track your metrics."

-Matthew Koele, Sr. Project Manager, Global Materials Development, Rockline Industries

"Very practical; Good explanation of why 'effective' is focus of R&D Metrics."

-Mark Thompson, Manager, PMO, Medtronic, Inc.

"Very Insightful. Many things we are adapting, but learned that there is more we can do."


"A good summary of industry best practices on R&D Metrics, coupled with a practical framework to hit the ground running."


"Very knowledgable people who can articulate meaning and purpose."