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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 16

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"R&D Metrics help to manage product portfolios."

-Karl Matos, Manager, R&D & Quality Systems, BASF

"The Summit reviewed a plethora of Metrics and it forced you to think about what and how to measure."

-Richard Triassi, Director, Product Development Competency, Carestream Health, Inc.

"The Summit provided a comprehensive study of metrics for all levels within R&D and the workshop provided a hands-on experience to apply the material learned."

-Thomas Judd, Director, Product Development Quality, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Group

"Brad Goldense is a thought leader in the area of R&D Metrics. He pulls real-life consulting experiences into the Metrics Summit."

-Brad Young, VP, Global Product Development, Sourcing & Manufacturing, Staples Inc.

"Enlightening! This is a good blend of what has happened and what we might expect in the future."

-Donovan Duchak, Director, Product Development, Staples Inc.

"The Summit provided insight into R&D Metrics and application."

-Anna Iacona Financial Analyst, R&D and Testing, The Lubrizol Corp

"It is a very efficient use of time to get up to speed and benchmark your practices/metrics."

-Mayur Shah, VP, Testing & Technology, The Lubrizol Corp

"Summit has a workshop to understand metrics already in place in our company."

-Hector Quintanilla, Director, R&D, Tubos de Acero de Mexico, S.A.

"This was a great overall conference on Metrics! You gave new ideas and posed new ways of thinking."

-Danielle Piercy, Project Coordinator, Heraeus Precious Metals

"I had a positive experience working with people from different industries and determining what should be measured."

-Steven Astorino, Director, Project Management, Smith & Nephew

"Summit provided a lot of clarification to what metrics to use and how to apply them."

-Dan Barnes, Director, Platform Development, Spectris Microscan