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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 15

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"Everything you ever wanted to know about R&D metrics."

-Jene Ferrarer, Director, Global Project Management, Abbott Medical Optics

"Overall, I found the workshop to be a great experience that provided me exposure to a wide range of product development metric tools. I am certain the tools will help improve our innovation process."

-Michael Kozminski, Director, R&D, American Refining Group

"A very good summary of the available metrics for managing an R&D organization. The class interactions were especially good."

-David Krantz, VP, R&D, American Refining Group

"I feel empowered by the tools I have learned to now go back to my organization and apply the metrics to value R&D."

-Christina Alcala, Senior Analyst, Finance, Amway

"Very insightful, with useful information to make our R&D organization more predictable."

-Jordi Parramon, Director, R&D, Boston Scientific /p>

"The three day R&D Metrics Summit provided a wealth of information that I can take back to my company and apply."

-Matthew Miles, Manager, DFMA & Value Engineering, Dynisco - Alpha Technologies

"Fantastic seminar that provides you with the tools and information to challenge the current way you manager and measure R&D. I will return to my organization with a new prospective and unique thought leadership."

-Emily Takkunen, Manager, Finance, General Mills

"Very informative and thought provoking. The course covers the full spectrum of R&D and possible metrics, so it allows you to think through the most valuable and meaningful metrics."

-Donna Hogan, Director, Development Operations, McKesson Provider Technologies

"Excellent, very timely for our operations - it was very effective to bring a cross-functional team (Development, Marketing & QA) to the session at the same time.”

-Dawn Baker, VP, Product Development, Oracle Corporation

"Lots of meat.”

-Mike Granby, President, Red Lion Controls

"Outstanding, I didn’t think you could measure the R&D process to control it.  This Summit is required t learn how to measure & improve your R&D organization.  Very valuable and useful information was provided.”

-David Leigh, President, Rofori Corporation

"Very important tools, excellent workshop. Not many aware of this service in Asia Pacific.”

-James Pang, Associate, R&D, Sirtex Medical Ltd.

"Eye opening & thought provoking experience.  Lots of practical ideas for better managing R&D.”

-Marcel Tanudji, Associate, R&D, Sirtex Medical Ltd.

"I would highly recommend the Metrics Summit to all R&D Personnel at all levels. It was a great source of information and guidance towards successful project completion.”

-Marcel Levitre, Senior Research Engineer, Southwire

"The chance to discuss and benchmark R&D with peers is a nice bonus in addition to learning the body of knowledge for metrics.”

-Champ Davis, Director, R&D Program Management, Spectranetics

"Workshop covered all areas of metrics for advanced development arena at several levels.”

-Donald Erickson, IP Coordinator, Whirlpool Corporation

"Insightful look at the state of the art of Product Development Management Science .”

-Tom Larson, Sr. Engineering Manager, ATK Armanent Systems Division

"Lots of useful info on the subject matter. Instructor has useful industry experience.”

-Robert Siciliano, Director, Program Management, Emerson

"Insightful discussions on measurements to track and their related hierarchy .”

-Jennifer Ginsberg, Manager, Definition & Design, McKesson Provider Technologies

"Very insightful and I am able to put this into action .”

-Gary Greishaber, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle Corporation

"It was a very good seminar/workshop. I just wish the context was more relevant to software development. Will strongly recommend to those in HW/manufacturing business, for software guys, with some caveats.”

-Noriko Kamei, Manager, Product Policy & Process Quality

"Great for companies starting to put metrics in place.”

-Mala Shah, Senior Manager, Business Analysis, Whirlpool Corporation

"Exceeded my expectations for the 2 days, great resource to use upon return.”

-Anonymous, Program Manager, WernerCo