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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 13

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"Thought provoking.  The workshop reinforced some ideas, introduced new ones, and gave me a framework to employ with my R&D initiatives."

-Jeffrey Trogolo, Chief Technology Officer, Sciessent LLC.

"This seminar moved us from 'metrics because we need metrics,' to an integrated system of metrics that feeds the R&D management decisions."

-Raymond Valli, Manager, Project Portfolio, CP Kelco

"My goal was to learn ways to deal with current and future measurement challenges.  The Summit taught me how to fish."

-Felipe Ortega, Center Manager, R&D, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Take away a wealth of metrics to apply to the organization no matter your strategy."

-Alan Meikle, Director, Product Engineering, Optos PLC

"Highly recommended for all levels of R&D management professionals, good mix of theory and practical application."

-Christopher Lawrence, Senior Manager, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

"Great course, pitched at appropriate level for executive management, delivered by subject matter thought leaders - value delivered!."

-Alex Warnock, Vice President, Global R&D, Optos PLC

"Excellent course followed-up with an exercise that is actionable once we return to work."

-Sandra Lewisch, Director, R&D, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

"GGI provides a unique historical view of management science, where product development is the continuum and offers ways to leverage what others have learned to improve your business."

-Mary Roane, VP, Global Program Management, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

"Brad is a true scholar in the area of management science and metrics.  More importantly, he has a good balance of theory and practical application and I appreciated his pragmatism.”

-Timothy Trine, Chief Technology Officer, Starkey Laboratories

"Nice exposure to many metrics and future prediction of what will change.”

-Overton L. "Bud"  Parish IV, Ph.D. P.E., Global Director, Systems Engineering/Emerging Markets Development,
Marlow Industries

"A lot of material which will take some time outside the seminar to process.”

-Patrick Kinsie, Executive Director, Global Business Development, Multimatic

"It reaffirmed my beliefs and thoughts.”

-Michael O'Neill, Director of Engineering, RMD Instruments Corp.

"A lot of information with a variety of challenges associated with measuring an R&D function.”

-Jeffrey Groh, VP, Technology, TA Instruments

"Eye opening presentation of how to roll up metrics through the org.”

-David Giroux, Senior Manager, Engineering, Siemens Healthcare Diagnosti

"Informative presentations caused awareness of important metrics that can sustain and grow business profits.”


"Some good group discussions and relevant topics touched on.  Excellent food and facilities.”