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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 12

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"Useful, actionable metrics exist and should be put to use where appropriate!!! This Summit reveals how."

-Milton Morris, VP R&D, Cyberonics, Inc.

"I left the seminar understanding the metrics I need to use and a clear understanding of what to implement and how to do so."

-Rochelle Poore, Director, Product Devmt. Shooting Systems, Alliant Techsystems

"Learning the difference between efficient and effective creates the focus for Innovation Metrics to drive the R&D effort of every company."

-Chris Van Haaren, VP, Engineering Amtrol, Inc.

"The Summit provides a structured and logical framework within which one can develop a comprehensive set of metrics."

-Bernard Janse, Director, Innovation, Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

"R&D management needs to bring product management to this Summit."

-Jon Thompson, Director, Technical Services, Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

"This class gives you plenty of theory and data that can be used to drive positive change in any company's product development process."

-David Wolfanger, Director, Product Development, Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

"Very useful to look at more robust PD processes than mine and try to identify that granularity in mine - An integrated top to bottom metric system will open the process to the type of scrutiny that will tend to improvement."

-Gunther Brinkman, VP, Innovation & Strategy, Interbake Foods

"Wealth of information received at the workshop will be instrumental in making changes in my company."

-Chip Parcell, Senior Program Manager, Tekelec

"A lot of useful information on metrics delivered in an efficient and interesting manner."

-Stephen Teahan, Director, Eng. Process Excellence, Textron Systems Corporation

"A nice blend of past and current practices with theory. This gives me a foundation to not only apply metrics immediately but also to develop ones specific to my company today and in the future."

-Dennis Marr, Senior Director, R&D, Thoratec Corporation

"Very factual, lots of data that looks forward but rooted in common sense .”

-Ann Marie Rincon, VP, Development Excellence, SMSC

"Interesting listening to from an engineer perspective.”

-Brian Eisler, Manager, FP&A, Zebra Technologies

"The seminar was valuable in that it provided our leadership team with new ideas about how to measure the effectiveness of our new product development teams from both a program and organizational perspective. The seminar contained an appropriate level of discussion about the relevant metrics that could be used immediately to change behaviors within engineering and to illustrate our efficiency & performance to plan to others in the corporation.”

-James Rehberger, Director, Strategic Planning, Zebra Technologies