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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 10

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"Good to have other allied industries present. Approach for well thought out measure takes time and effort."

-James Gallagher, Outsourcing Manager, Allergan

"The workshop made one think. It opened my eyes to some of the things both my CFO and CEO are trying to drive home. The material gave me information to bridge their requirements."

-Kent Richman, VP R&D, American Pacific Corporation.

"This metrics summit was presented and discussed in the context of state of the art product development practices (today) with a view to the future. There were layers of learning and best practices embedded in the program. This enabled the development of robust and practical metrics portfolios."

-Marcia Taraschi, Director, Bio. Research & Consumer Rights, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

"This workshop has provided me with much deeper insight and understanding for metrics for R&D through both Brad’s knowledge and networking with peers in R&D."

-Justin Aschenbrenner, Director, R&D, Gates Corporation

"A good seminar to attend to keep up to date on best practices."

-Don Benkeser, Sr. Director ASTRO Solutions Engineering, Motorola.

"Truly Inspirational."

-David Avison, Director Core Technology Group, Madico

"Very applicable material helping to run R&D projects successfully putting numbers around the development process and adjacent areas."

-Peter Fisher, VP Engineering, Omnicell, Inc

"Thorough overview of R&D metrics application for customer facing businesses."

-Raymond Cunningham, Commercial Manager, Chevron Energy Technology Co.


-Arginnys Soto, Senior Research Scientist, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

"Great fundamental grounding of the subject with good application examples."

-Matthew Wasserman, Director, Global Portfolio & Product Steward, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

"The workshop provided me with practical and useful tools to improve product development."

-Ad de Pijper, Director Engineering, Eclipse, Inc.

"This seminar provided me with the right amount of tools to be able to manage my R&D program and provide visibility for corporate discussion."

-Jose Rivera, Project Coordinater, R&D, Engineered Arresting Systems Corp.

"Thought provoking."

-Katrina Warren, R&D Project Coordinater, Engineered Arresting Systems Corp.

"Good summary of metrics that can guide ones business.”

-Karen Coates, Director Program Mangement, Omnicell Inc.

"Many ah ha moments. I feel that the information presented in this summit is broad enough to educate and influence multiple levels of experience."

-Donald Penza, Quality Manager, Precision Replacement Parts