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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 09

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"The metrics portfolio is easy to implement with three levels of metrics (project, functional VP-level and corporate level"

-Swati Bhakta, Manager R&D, Ascent Healthcare Solutions

"We had a product development process and a few metrics, now I know how to "connect the dots"."

-Steven Devine, VP R&D, Camfil Farr, Inc.

"Useful - helped validate and develop our thinking and approach. Linked metrics to process and org - good!"

-Ian Smith, Director, Innovation, Cytec Industries

"Great explanation of metrics for R&D new project implemenation and tracking "

-Philip Benes, Director, Technology & Product Development, Nease Corporation

"Allowed me to move thinking from tactical to strategic." "Forward thinking perspective."

-Robert Pittman, Senior Product Manager, Oracle Inc.

"Brad knows his stuff and gives the PD metrics and tools that will work."

-Douglas Cole, Technical Director, Rockline Industries

"Seminar is a high value add for any company wanting to understand and improve NPD processes of its organization."

-Randy Rudoloph, President, Rockline Industries

"Measurement & monitoring through various metrics is key to improvement of development funding & this course provided me tools to do it. Every R&D head should attend it."

-Sunnil Singhvi, VP R&D, Secure Meters Limited

"Program and materials illustrated a tangible guide to how R&D Departments can use metrics now, and much more importantly, in the future to maximize their success."

-Scott Holbrooks, VP, The Fulmer Companies

"Good workshop, is about as good as it gets "

-Michael Murphy, Senior Director, Design Engineering, TriQuint Semiconductor

"It was very informative.”"

-Lennox Lange, Manager R&D, Ascent Healthcare Solutions

"Great frame work for establishing metrics.  Metric examples in course books are excellent. Discussions around real life experience/examples were very beneficial.”

-Randy Dettmer, Executive Director, Product Development, CSG Systems

"I got a foundation to start the use of metrics in my area."

-Al Wisinski, Auto Senior Specialist, Product Development, Erie Insurance Group

"The experience was overwhelming for a non-mfg. Company but very informative.”

-Kristen Stevanus, Senior Specialist, Product Development, Erie Insurance Group

"Intense, information-packed"

-Natalie Wiesen, Senior Specialist, Product Development, Erie Insurance Group

"Recieved some valuable information"

-Ray Leeds, VP & Manager, Product Development, Erie Insurance Group

"Great intellectual stimulation.  Provides some important “nuggets” with application to my business."

-Peter Cummins, VP R&D, McNeil Consumer Healthcare Canada

"Will challenge you to think differently to drive behavioral changes in organization."

-Jarrett Atkinson Manager, Business Improvement, The Fulmer Companies

"New inspiration, hands-on"

-Louise Heller Stahnke, Management Consultant, Valcon A/S

"Surpassed my expectations "

-David Deising, Director of Marketing, Rockline Industries