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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 08

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"Discussions around software development processes were really interesting"

-Gene Golovinsky, VP, R&D, Alert Logic Inc.

"The metrics workshop has a broad industry application and provides a larger set of key metrics and tools to improve performance"

-Gary Beck, Senior Directory, Project R&D, Alergan

"Useful insight into best practices in R&D process"

-Paulene Duong, Analyst, Allergan

"An excellent seminar with a significant amount of practical (and useable) information to enhance the knowledge and skills of a product development senior magazine"

-John O'Connor, VP, Engineering & Technology, Analogic Corporation

"It gave me a very clear idea on how to improve the way we currently evaluate R&D in our company."

-Ethel Parcero Herrera, Laboratory Manager, Artflux S.A. de C.V.

"A very informative and practical approach to understanding the different types of metrics and the value added for an R&D organization and the impact it can have to the business"

-Laurie Kish, Global Director, R&D Product & Quality, bioMerieux, Inc.

"It is quite helpful to review all the metrics used at different levels of the corp. for R&D measurement, improvement and etc.""

-Jiebing Wang , VP Worldwide Engineering, Hifn Inc.

"GGI has obviously spent years gathering & analyzing product development data from a variety of industries.  This diversity of metrics & industries is helpful in developing a metrics program for our companies"

-Paul Hardenburger, VP Engineering, Marlen

"Was impressed with knowledge base that was covered & referred to as additional resources"

-Dale Riley, VP, Product Engineering, National Oilwell Varco

"I got 10 different new ideas on how I could improve our processes by using the knowledge from this summit"

-Helena Karvonen, Global Product Manager, PerkinElmer

"Good workshop with lots of useful information and tools.  Workshop provided me a broad selection of metrics to choose from.  Will help my organization to better measure what we do and how we do it and will help to improve processes"

-Senior Director, Program Management, QIAGEN Inc.

"I left this seminar with a vast array of possible metrics to choose from, as well as a specific list of those best suited to various levels of my organization.  I can start implementing these immediately"

-Melissa McBerkowitz, Product Manager, SoftPro

"Overall it was a great learning experience.  We have limited metrics in place today and I now have a good basic understanding to implement a metrics program"

-Don Harter, Director, Back Office Development, Wausau Financial Systems

"Very insightful - the portfolio will greatly aid us in moving our Product Dev. Team to the next level of metrics reporting.  I can't wait to get back to the office to start implementing"

-Lisa Zastrow, Project Manager, Development, Wausau Financial Systems

"The coursebook and working portfolio definitely help. Material was comprehensive and presented in a methodical manner"

-Jon T. Morris, Manager, Quality Assurance, Fiserv Insurance Solutions

"Good general discussion on R&D and project management issues with some tie-in with metrics for these areas"

-Brian Gottlieb, Business Process Analyst, Gridpoint

"Useful to see alternative metrics "

-Gabriel Hernandez, Manager, Product Development, Continental Disc Corporation

"Good overall overview of metrics and landscape "

-Dmitry Petrik, Program Manager, Engineering, Sterling Commerce