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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 07

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"Excellent mind-expanding presentation."

-Anne Leventry, EVP, Research and Development, Ball Horticultural Company

"Very interesting. The summit leader is well prepared and caught the group's attention from the beginning."

-Carlos Molina, Business Manager, Ball Horticultural Compnay

"It's obvious that the company, (GGI) has amassed an incredible knowledge base on metrics for corporate R&D. The format of the seminar with interaction with other companies is an excellent vehicle for learning and building a solid metrics starting point. "

-Art Rofano, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, BEA Systems, Inc.

"Great material with immediate applicability."

-Matt Waninger, VP, Product Development, Cook Medical

"I enjoyed the workshop. It provided me with the guidance and tools to establish R&D metrics in our company ."

-Andrey Livchak, CTO, Halton Group Americas

"It was a valuable and intensive workshop that shed light on metrics and the science of management."

-Darren Kahan, Senior Manager, Software Engineering,

"Come to the workshop with co-workers so you can work on a list of metrics that are suitable for your organization."

-Ellen Coppola, Director, Program Management, Qualcomm Inc.

"Great opportunity to learn the best in class R&D metrics applicable to my company and compare with different types of companies."

-Matt Toth, Director, Engineering, Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco Company

"I will definetly have a better sense about metrics for my organization after this seminar."

-Fred Nikolac, VP, Engineering, Sunrise Telecom

"At was a good learning experience. My company is just beginning to formalize their metrics process and this Summit was a great start. As a result, I have the resources I need."

-Mike Francis, Manager, Information Technology, USA Funds

"Great workshop and lots of information presented in 3 days. Market-leading knowledge transfer from GGI. "

-Roger Hofmann, Financial Analyst, Qualcomm Inc,

"It was valuable."

-Sean Peterson, Manager, Engineering, Central Research Labs

"It clarified some ideas and gave me a direction on what to do next. It was well worth the time. "

-Gert Burkhardt, VP, R&D, George Fischer Signet, LLC

"Opens your mind to new concepts."

-Diego Santoro, Manager, Program Managment - Latin America, Stiefel Laboratories

"The course work proved quite valuable and provided our team with new ideas on how to measure and report product development processes and results in our organization. I would highly reccommend the Summit to anyone who is responsible for innovation and product development processes in their own organization."

-Matt Kramer, Research Director, Ball Horticultural Compnay

"Great opportunity for a collaborative team to work together on metrics for our specific situation."

Marjorie Baird, Senior Manager Finance, Qualcomm Inc.