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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 06

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"Applying the foundation for growth through accurate tracking ."

-David Disberger, Director, Engineering, AGCO Corporation

"Good framework, Good overview. "

-Jacob Lee, Director, Planning and technical Services, Amgen Inc.

"This Summit provided the discussions and framework to clearly bring R&D metrics into focus. "

-Timothy Fullmer, Sr. Director, Clinical PM, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

"Excellent insight into how to frame the metrics and drive the right behavior. "

-Adam Bubonovich, Senior Finance Manager, Boston Scientific Corporation

"Got a great deal I could use out of the workshop."

-Clement Buschmann, VP, IT Service Management, Commerce Bank

"Good overview of state of practice. "

-Chet Gapinski, VP, Engineering, Crossbeam Systems Inc.

"Brought clarity to my thinking on NPD and learned what others are doing. "

-Laks Srinivasan, Sr. Director, Innovation Management, Fair Isaac Corp.

"I like the framework concept."

-John Gudmundson, VP, Quality, Fortinet Inc.

"Great class for understand best practice in implementig R&D metrics. "

-Thomas Senn, Office of the CTO, Special Projects, GretagMacbeth AG

"As COO, this will help me coach and mentor our product development team to the next level. "

-Andrew Damico, COO, Intralinks Inc.

"Extremely enlightening, very practical and ahead of the curve. That's where we strive to be!."

-Leyla Capitelli, Associate Director & Functional Coordinator, Johnson & Johnson

"For a 3 day Summit -- a wonderful list of tools, ideas and practical examples to help in a R&D environment ."

-Stephen Giles, Director, Strategy & Performance, McAfee

"Very good content. "

-Richard Levy, VP, Engineering, Mitratech Holding Inc.

"Excellent workshop, a lot of information ."

-Bob Davis, Director, NCR Corporation

"The workshop created a great forum for discussion and insight into many cross industry thought processes. "

-Megan Rabalis, Marketing Director, Newpark Mats & Integrated Services

"Very well rounded amount of information. Speaker very knowledgeable ."

-Matthew Elefant, President, Origin Digital

"Very informative. Diversity of the group and interactions were extremely valuable ."

-Shaghig Palanjian, VP, WW Technology Implementation, PAREXEL International

"Most companies share similar issues related to new product development, the workshop allowed for meaninful and dynamic dialoge ."

-Kenneth Kaminski, Director, Integrated Commercialization, Schering-Plough Consumer HealthCare

"This is a great crash course on metrics, and has sparked many insights into how to run my group, or any company."

-William Shambley, Director, Materials R&D, Z Corporation

"This workshop provided a unique opportunity to explore the often overlooked significance of identifying and applying metrics to development processes and how these metrics directly lead to an increase in product performance at lower cost & greater market share ."

-Brian Hill, VP, Product Development Zebra Imaging Inc.