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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Metrics Summit 05

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"Fantastic and I look forward to implementing what I learned to improve my company's success rate. Very different from other product leaders courses, actually measures projects in a tangible way."

-Kevin Luebke, Project Manager, R & D Operations, Abbott Animal Health

"Raised the thinking process a notch or two. This was a great overview of management science trends as applied to product development, was very thought provoking and is useful in all industries."

-Richard Newton, Director, Alcon Laboratories Inc

"Instructor os very well informed. The course provided a strong foundation for our own R&D metrics initiative."

-David Hodgson, SVP, Process & Quality, CA

"Good set of tools."

-Peggy Van De Plassche, Financial Analyst Manager, Solns. Mgt CGI

"The workshop brought clarity to all levels of metrics including creation, value and outcomes."

-Craig Krumbhaar, Director of Software Development, Eclipsys Corporation

"An eyeopener."

-Paul Linstrom, Senior Program Manager, Hospira, Inc.

"Comprehensive and complete summary of available tools (metrics) for R&D and NPD. Statistical and industrial reference data offered."

-Alex Kindt, Director, Engineering, IDEX Corporation

"Great experience & tool set. Very application/results orientated."

-Mark Daniels, Director, Engineering, IDEX Corporation

"Great way to collaborate with other companies seeking to improve performance"

-Rick Mantz, VP, Engineering, iDirect

"The Metric Summit was informative and actionalble for us. We came as a cross-functional team of five with the intent of creating metrics for R&D in our company. The concept of a metrics portfolio and its nested structure of rollups from project level to corporate level was new to us. We left with a first pass at a complete metrics portfolio and are in the process of finalizing it now. "

-Steve DeFuria, VP, Product Development, Line 6

"Learned way more than expected."

-Robert McKean, VP, Engineering, Line 6

"Very informative, a lot to take in."

-Marcus Ryle, SVP, R&D, Line 6

"Provided rationale and useful information for many metrics I've seen for years. Stimulated my thinking on application to my company. Pleasantly surprised that I was still learning and engaged on day 3."

-Roy Forsberg, Sr. Director, Program & Quality Mgt., Nuance Communications, Inc.

"Interesting and informative. Provides a good basis for implementation of a metrics program as well as the refinement of existing programs."

-Kevin Cook, VP, R&D, SemEquip Materials, Inc.

"Good metrics collection to pick up the bunch of metrics summarizing the best R&D organizations. Networking on this topic is also very valuable."

-Bernard Charbonnier, GM, R&D, SYSTAR SA

"Useful experience in both information shared by the leader as well as the participants. Very professional leader."

-Daniel Stoll, VP, Products, SYSTAR SA

"Thought provoking. A deep dive into research and product development metrics."

-Peter Jackson, Chief Engineer, Thomson Corporation

"A one stop place to get a glimpse of the current trends in product development metrics as well as share in real time what others deploy and how it helps to achieve excellence in product development."

-Maneesh Mishra, Research Lead, UTSTARCOM, Inc.

"Excellent overview and appropriate depth of discussion of relevant metrics. GGI provides current and forward thinking insights into application of product development metrics to optimize innovation and R&D spending. The facilitators are extremely qualified and respectful in addressing questions and building a dialogue."

-Beverly Stafford, Director, Global Service Quality, Halliburton