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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Innovation Summit 11

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"While I did not have near the experience as most everyone in the room,  I still found the workshop to be invaluable.  This discussion on IP strategy was worth the price of admission alone.  Very informative and comprehensive."

-Matthew Falls, Innovation & Project Manger, BASF Corporation

"The breadth of information and summary of industry practices via survey results can't be matched."

-Nina Kohnen, Director, Corporate Op-Ex, Covidien

"Honest desire to help US companies be more competitive by introducing the attendees to pragmatic tools & technologies in an unbiased way while volunteering just enough expert opinions."

-Pierre Boulanger, CTO, FLIR Systems Inc.

"Very practical takeaways in resources and tools, and lots of ideas for implementation."

-Steve Hubbard, VP, Global Marketing & Innovation, Griffith Laboratories

"Product Development methodologies (in depth), the latest trends, Best Practices, what works, ..."

-Bruce Zandi, VP, Engineering, Hamilton Storage Technologies

"The GGI Innovation Summit was a very understandable and practical application of Innovation Tools and Methods."

-Mark Bucheger, Senior Manger, Engineering, Medtronic Inc.

"The course introduced me to new concepts and practices that stretched my mind on how I could apply this within my company."

-Joseph Klein, Director, Product Development, Medtronic Inc.

"As a member of the Project Management Organization, the Summit has given me a foundation for Innovation that will help to foster a mindset for advancement of the strategies and tools to work toward real improvements cross-functionally."

-Daniel Depretis, Deputy Director, Project Management, Sanofi Pasteur

"Well worth the investment. Can lead to new insights into innovation and methods to improve overall innovation."

-John Benco, Director, R&D, Siemens Healthcare

"The workshop was stimulating and penetrating in the areas of IP, Open Innovation, and R&D Metrics."

-Mark Vaughan, VP, Systems Development, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

"Excellent overview of broad subject. Provided great historical contextualized meaning to the evolution of innovation."

-Daniel Auger, Distinguished Engineering Fellow, DePuy Orthopaedics

"Learning unavailable anywhere else."

-George Selecman, Senior Director, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics