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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Innovation Summit 10

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"Informative and educational. Great class discussion. Provided helpful input. Cool Summit. I would definitely recommend to others."

-John Bucher, General Manager, Cerro Fabricated Products

"This Summit provided me with more implementable ideas than any other conference or seminar I have attended."

-Richard Wenger, Manager, Product Development, Eclipse, Inc.

"Brad Goldense brings real value to understanding the world of Innovation and R&D."

-James Rivard, Director, Client Development Hixson Architecture, Engineering

"Excellent content of methodologies, tools and processes that can be applied in any industry."

-Mayur Ahuja, Deputy Director, Engineering, Jacobs Technology

"Plenty of good information, really enjoyed the two guest speakers, added a lot of value.  Execution of this information will be the challenge."

-Rod Berreth, Director, Technology Development, Key Energy Services

"A definite stop on the way to success in innovation."

-Arjun Yetukuri, Manager, Engineering, Lear Corporation

"Workshop really got us thinking, anxious to get back and work on our innovation process.  The networking with other attendees was fantastic!"

-John Tayloe, President, Metal Fabrication Companies

"Great exposure to history, publications, tools and management approaches for those responsible for R&D, product development and innovation."

-Ryan Schmidt, VP, Product Engineering, MMI IntriPlex

"It's a really worthwhile workshop for taking away science and techniques on R&D innovation as well as IP practices."

-Chengjie Cai (Anna), Senior Consultant, IPR Panasonic Singapore Laboratories

"I was very impressed at the latest state of science and tool sets available for innovation with this innovation workshop."

-Stanford Glasgow, President, Sony Corporation of America

"An excellent workshop on CXO level innovation and tools."

-Frank Luo, Senior Director, Product Management SVTC Technologies LLC

"The Summit opened my knowledge to the tools and processes that must be used."

-Paul Jamieson, Director, Technology, Wabtec Passenger Transit

"Insightful into the process of innovation, breadth of tools, and outlook to IP futures."

-Craig Cantrell, Manager, Avionic and Logistics Group, Barrios Technology

"Great insight into innovation ."

-Michael Cogliati, Engineer, Product Development, Amtrol

"I departed the Summit with more questions than when I arrived."

-George Solanick, General Manager, Cerro Fabricated Products

"This was a very well organized workshop.  I found significant value in attending."

- Steven Relaz, Product Manager, Eclipse Combustion

"Overall experience was very positive.  I enjoyed the sessions and the networking."

-Craig Bertelsen, Manager, Materials Technology, Lexmark International Inc.

"An introduction to the field of innovation. "

-Nancy Kunz, VP, Time/Warner, Retail Sales & Marketing

"A good intro to innovation."

-Holly Oakes, Senior Brand Manager, Time/Warner, Retail Sales & Marketing