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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Innovation Summit 08

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"A well-informed and constructed seminar that provides relevant content to keep your company on the leading (bleeding) edge of innovation."

-Peter J. Fritz, Manager, AAD Manufacturing, 3M

"If you want to baseline your company's position against the industry best practices for innovation, from front end to IP protection, then this seminar is for you."

-Marv Hamdan, Engineering Director, Business Development, Bendix

"Time well spent!"

-Andreea Raaber, VP, Business Development, Bendix

"The summit is a wake up call that reaches far beyond just R&D innovation."

-Ronald Bombard, Directory, Employee Development, Genpack LLC

"Excellent chance for 'Taste Testing' many approaches, tools, and metrics in a short timeframe."

-Donald Waldroup, Research Manager, Surface Science, Kimberly Clark

"Excellent review of innovations processes and tools, plus IP tactics as well."

-Celeste Hort, Manager, Innovation & Tech., MSA

"A well organized seminar with significant exposure to knowledge, techniques and trends, scalable to organizations of all sizes."

-Joseph Budde, Market Manager, Paladin Construction Group

"Very organized and planned, keeps moving, very informative, well worth the time & would recommend to others."

-Paul Burton, VP, Engineering, Paladin Construction Group

"The workshop is very beneficial for companies working on improving product development processes and tools."

-Matthew Malenfant, Engineer, Product Design, Paladin Construction Group

"This summit was a great opportunity to network with other companies that are engaged in the business of implementing innovation."

-Paulo Chow, Strategic Innovation, T-Mobile

"Good opportunity to benchmark with peers and industry; identified several new resources, technologies & awards that we will pursue for innovation."

-Janelle Dziuk, Director, Enterprise Innovation, USAA

"Good shortcut to key, usable elements of leading R&D"

-Sharon Jones, VP, Technology, ATK Security & Sporting

"Solid overview that provided good ideas and frameworks to look at further."

-David Linnell, Senior Finance Analyst, Intel

"Complete A-Z for Innovation in 3 days."

-John Thompson, Senior Director, R&D, SRG Global