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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Innovation Summit 07

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"A great way to accelerate your knowledge of innovation landscape and start to define next steps to promote a culture of innovation."

-Ester Yang, Director, Clinical Chemistry R&D, Abbott  Laboratories

"Very good overview of innovation practices that can be used"

-Dan Raap, Director, Engineering, Amesbury Hardware

"Very comprehensive! Talented & experienced staff with valuable information."

-Richard Campbell, President & CEO, Applied Fiber  Manufacturing, LLC.

"A great "clearing away the fog" around the increasingly critical need for effective innovative."

-Dave Burns, VP, Operations, Carolina Pad

"Insightful, refreshing, and invigorating."

-Laura Moore, Manager, Product Innovation, Carolina Pad.

"Gained valuable insights into the 'future' value of IP and innovation management as well as a great overview of tools & practices for developing and fostering an innovative culture ."

-James Kuenzel, SVP, Engineering, Dot Hill Systems Corp.

"Great overall review of product development with excellent references to resources for aiding and developing a more robust product development program."

-Katrina Ralston, President, Feeney, Inc.

"A wealth of information that provides the ability to determine the tools needed to measure and become an innovative organization."

-Bill Smith, Consulting Engineer, Product Development,    Manitowoc Corporation

"It was a very comprehensive summit on innovation. I learnt a lot which I can apply directly to my work."

-Kaushik Ghosh, Managing Director & CTO, PRI Limited

"I'd recommend this course for those newly involved with the innovation process, as well as for experienced managers."

-Frank Wuertz, Business Analyst, LIPO Chemicals

"Very useful overall. "

-Doug Briske, SVP, Development, National Technical Systems

"Patent section is an open discussion on the future."

-Miguel Angel Carvajal, Product Engineer, Logus  Manufacturing Corporation

"An excellent workshop that provided a very up to date overview of innovation proccesses and tools. Complex subject matter is covered in a very digestable form and in a stimulating environment. "

-Joseph Lister, Product & Tech. Manager, Asia-Pacific, PPG Clayton

"Great content to get the mind thinking innovation and how it is a valuable part of every company. Would like more exercises"

-Chris VanHaaren, VP Engineering, Amtrol Inc.

"Good information.  Learned a lot.  Very engineer focused. Good information put in understandable formats"

-Crystal Kohanke, VP Human Resources, Harland Clarke

"Fundamentals were helpful but many of the discussion and examples were too technical/complex for my business needs.”"

-Andrea Turk, VP Sales Support & Development, Harland Clarke

"Great stimulating overview of the topic of innovation in R&D with broad range of topics and practical tools.”

-Peter Fisher , VP Engineering, Omnicell, Inc.