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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Innovation Summit 06

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"Excellent opportunity to learn about innovation best practices and tools and to hear what challenges other companies face."

-Michelle Pokorny, IT Manager, R&D, Prod. Dev, Reg, A Large Pharmaceutical Company

"Worth the time to get a new set of tools and ideas to move innovation forward."

-James Burke, VP, Product Development, Berg, Inc.

"GGI has prepared an excellent body of materials and ideas to promote innovation of processes and products.  Very applicable and relevant!”."

-Paul Hardenburger, VP, Engineering, Marlin

"It gave me a chance to see things in a different way and learn of new tools to be innovative for the future."

-Chris Harris, Plant Manager, SGL Group

"My expectation was that this Innovation Summit might be difficult to transfer to a Human Resources application.  In fact quite the contrary, there was a lot of relevancy in HR which is often the change agent in most companies."

-Gerry Strolmeyer, Manager of Human Resources, SGL Group

"Innovation R&D is not handled as a stand alone process but an integral part of the overall business process like Marketing, Business Development, Engineering and IP Strategy."

-Klaus Andre, Director, R&D CF&D, Siemens Water Technology

"The program provided good grounding in the issues facing product development and innovation and provides a catalyst to improving the process."

-Joseph Pullella, Director, Operations & Engineering, Vita-Mix Corporation

"It opens your mind to a whole new way of thinking about innovation and provides tangible tools for encouraging and measuring it."

-Steve Zvonek, Brand Manager, White Castle Management Co..