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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Innovation Summit 03

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"Eye Opening"

-Mr. Suharli Tedja, Manager, Technical Design Agere Systems

"Coming from a purely technical background the breadth of material was very instructive. Opened my eyes to a new level of driving a project."

-Michael Fitzell, Senior Software Engineer,
eZenia! Inc.

"Gain insight in more effectively driving technology from R&D to productization with practical, tangible tools-Mission Accomplished."

-Mr. Kevin P. Oliver, Director, Programs
Konarka Technologies

"Very informative with mix of material and discussion."

Mr. James Scott, VP Engineering,
MapInfo Corporation

"The instructor is obviously very knowledgeable and does an excellent job of conveying that knowledge."

-Mr. Ryan Bernaski, Manager, DFM,
Velcro,USA Inc.

"Seminar was very thorough in a variety of innovation subject matters, also a nice presentation of the tools."

-Mr. Scott Filion, Director, R&D,
Velcro USA Inc.

"Received a broad overview on tools and techniques to help with innovation."

-Mr. Wally Kurtz, Manager, Product Design,
Velcro USA Inc.

"Many new tools were presented, Insight into the fuzzy world of IP."

-Mr. Joseph Levesque, Manager, Product Design Velcro, USA Inc.

"Valuable training on innovation techniques, tools and overall."

-Mr. Paul Siemiesz, Manager, Product Design,
Velcro USA Inc.

"An intense overview of innovative trends, practices and history with a high caliber audience."

-Mr Shawn Banker, Director, Engineering
Velcro USA Inc.