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Thoughts From Summit Alumni: Innovation Summit 01

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"An excellent survey of innovation in corporations with the tools and measures to facilitate improving innovative activities."

-Richard Knowles, CTO & VP Embedded Engineering, Ardence, Inc.

"Helped to illustrate the quantity of research around innovation."

-Bryan Levey, VP Engineering, Enterprise Products, Ardence, Inc.

"I liked your history lessons sprinkled in. They helped me to understand why things are the way they are."

-Sam Landers, R&D Fellow, Goodyear

"The seminar gave me new insights to problem solving, new tools to explore, and the motivation to foster innovation and creativity within my company."

-Dave Tumey, Consultant, Immersion Medical

"For people who need a mind expanding overview of innovation. A tremendous overview of innovation strategy and tools all in one place and time, very valuable - thanks!"

-John Humphrey, Business Acumen Curriculum Specialist, 3M

"Many of the ideas can be immediately implemented without being disruptive to "normal" behavior."

-Gary Jaspersohn, System Architect, NMS Communications

"Good Learnings. Science of Innovation. Who would have thought?"

- George Collier, CTO Telecom PLM Solutions, Telcordia

"A great story!"

Shoshi Gutreich, R&D Group Manager, Mercury Interactive

"Successful companies must do 4 things to be successful in innovation: strategy; organization; people; culture/climate and systems. That's quite a bit of material to select and prepare for."

-Anthony Lauglaug, Manager, Global Technology Business Planning, Goodyear Tire & Rubber