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Technology Providers: A GGI Gateway


3D/CAD/CAE Firms specializing in computer-aided design and engineering software.

3D/CAD/CAM Firms specializing in computer-aided design and 3D modeling software.

Analysis - Electrical/Electronic Firms specializing in EDA simulation, modeling and analysis.

Analysis - Mechanical Firms specializing in analysis software.

Application Development Software Firms specializing in application development software.

APS Firms specializing in advanced planning and scheduling software and systems.

CAD/CAM/Shop Control Software for the metalworking industry.

Calibration Software Providers of calibration software and services.

CAM/NC Path Verification Firms specializing in CAM/NC path verification software.

Chemistry Firms specializing in chemistry and analytical software.

CRM / Sales Management Firms specializing in customer and sales management.

Data Management Firms specializing in data management software.

Data Mining Firms specializing in Data Mining Solutions.

Data Warehouse Modeling Firms specializing in Data Warehouse Modeling Solutions.

Databases and Data Stores Firms specializing in Databases and Data Stores.

Document Control Firms specializing in document management and control software.

E-Commerce Solutions Firms specializing in E-Commerce Solutions.

EDA Firms specializing in electrical and electronic design automation.

ERP Firms specializing in enterprise-wide software.

Imaging Data and Visualization Technology

ISO 9000 Firms specializing in software to support ISO 9000.

Groupware & Workflow Firms specializing in collaboration computing tools and technologies.

Knowledge Management Firms specializing in knowledge management and capture software.

LIMS Firms specializing in Laboratory and Experiment Management.

Logistics Providers of logistics software and services.

Math & Statistics Firms specializing in math and statistics software.

Metadata Firms specializing in metadata management.

Miscellaneous Firms specializing in other software.

OLAP - Online Analytical Processing Firms specializing in OLAP software.

PDM Firms specializing in engineering and product data management software.

Performance Management/Balanced Scorecard Firms specializing in Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard software.

Portal Software Vendors of portal software.

Portfolio Management Software for Strategy and Risk Alignment.

Process Management Firms specializing in structured process management software.

Process Simulating & Charting Firms in flow charting and process simulation software.

Project Management Firms specializing in project management software.

Reverse Engineering Firms specializing in reverse engineering software.

Sales Force Automation Firms specializing in sales force automation and field sales management.

Statistical Process Control

Testing Suites Companies producing automated software testing applications.

Virtual Reality Firms specializing in virtual reality software.

Vision Systems Firms specializing in machine vision and systems vision.



Analytical Instruments Manufacturers of analytical instruments.

Calibration (Electrical/Electronic)

Capacitors Manufacturers of capacitors.

Data Acquisitions Hardware and Software Data Acquisitions specialists.

DSPs DSP Providers.

Fiberoptics Manufacturers and suppliers of fiberoptic products, systems and services.

Frequency Control Manufacturers and suppliers of frequency control products.

Microprocessors Manufacturers and suppliers of microprocessors.

RF Suppliers of components and services for RF products.

Satellites Manufacturers of satellite equipment.

Servers Firms specializing in server solutions.

Storage Firms specializing in data and information storage solutions.

Test Equipment (Electrical/Electronic)

VME BUS Manufacturers of VME Systems and Equipment.

VXI Equipment Manufacturers of shelves, backplanes, components, and systems.


Abrasives/Grinding A directory of companies providing abrasives and grinding technologies

Automated Handling/Robotics Firms specializing in automated handling/robotics.

Barcoding & Scanning A directory of companies providing barcoding & scanning technologies.

Calibration (Mechanical)

CMM Manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines.

CNC Firms specializing in CNC milling machines.

CNC/DRO/Controls Firms specializing in CNC/DRO/Controls.

Coatings/Finishing - Manufacturers and distributors of coatings and finishing equipment and supplies for the metalworking industry.

Coolants/Lubricants/Filters - Firms specializing in coolants, lubricants, and filters.

Cutting Tools - Manufacturers and distributors of cutting tools.




Fast Production Process/Rapid Tooling Equipment Firms specializing in fast production process/rapid tooling equipment.


Gage Manufacturers Firms specializing in gage equipment.

Heat Treating

ID Marking

Industrial Motion & Control Firms that supply power transmission equipment.

Information Technology Firms specializing in computer hardware.

Machining Centers

Metrology Firms specializing in metrology equipment.

Miscellaneous Firms specializing in other hardware and equipment.

Molding - Dryers / Hopper Loaders

Molding - Hot Runner Systems

Molding - Injection Molding Machines

Molding - Mold & Die Components

Molding - Size Reduction Equipment

Molding - Thermoforming


Optical Measurement Systems Firms specializing in optical measurement systems.

Rapid Prototyping Firms specializing in rapid prototyping machines.

Reverse Engineering Firms specializing in reverse engineering equipment.

Screws, Barrels, and Related Components

Test Equipment (Mechanical)

Turning Centers

Used Equipment
Firms specializing in used equipment.

Vision Systems Firms supplying mechanic vision equipment and components.

Welding, Brazing, and Soldering

Workholding and Toolholding