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Service Providers: A GGI Gateway

Accounting Accounting firms.

Advertising / Media Advertising/Media firms.

CAD Bureaus Firms specializing in CAD and computer analysis services.

Design Houses Firms specializing in various facets of design.

Electronic View & Mock-Up Firms providing web-based electronic meeting services including documents.

Executive Leadership Development Firms specializing in developing effective leadership skills for executives.

Executive Retreat Centers Plan a meeting in a quiet, remote setting or enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

Financial Services Market and investment information.

Industrial Design Contracting and outsourcing alternatives.

Internet Services Top Internet services firms.

Investment Banks Investment Banks

Investor Relations Investor Relations firms.

Law Law firms.

Logistics Providers of logistics and transportation services.

Market Research Economic and product development industry-related research.

Material Suppliers Firms specializing in materials supply.

Milling Firms specializing in milling services.

Product Testing & Analysis Companies that provide product testing, analysis, and standards compliance.

Public Relations Public relations firms.

Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Bureaus (Metal) Firms specializing in metal rapid prototyping and tooling services.

Rapid Prototyping and Tooling Bureaus (RP/Plastic) Firms specializing in plastic rapid prototyping and tooling services.

Research / Training Organizations / Consulting Firms specializing in research, training and consulting for time- compression technologies.

ISO Consultants Firms specializing in ISO consultancy.

ISO Registrars Firms specializing in ISO registry.

Train The Trainer Workshops for professional development.

Venture Capital Firms specializing in venture capital.