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Industry Awards

Baldrige National Quality Program


  • IEEE Medal of Honor: The highest IEEE award; represents a particular contribution which forms a clearly exceptional addition to the science and technology of concern to the Institute.
  • All IEEE Medals: Includes information on the Medal of Honor and 14 other IEEE medals in the fields of engineering and technology.
  • All IEEE Technical Field Awards: Information on over 90 IEEE Technical Field Awards in all industry categories.
  • Corporate Innovation Recognition: Presented for outstanding and exemplary contributions by an industrial entity, governmental, academic organization, or other corporate body, which have resulted in major advancement of electrotechnology.
  • Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition: Presented for exceptional managerial leadership in the fields of interest to the IEEE.
  • Richard M. Emberson Award: Presented for distinguished service to the development, viability, advancement and pursuit of the technical objectives of the IEEE.
  • Haraden Pratt Award: Presented for outstanding service to the IEEE.

Government -- Quality Awards


  • Deming Award: Recognizes corporations and individuals that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to quality control, and whose products or inventions make exceptional advances in the pursuit of quality.