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MR42 - "2008 Product Development Metrics Research Summary

May 7, 2008 -- [120 Pages]

Product Description

The 2008 Product Development Metrics Survey focused on Innovation Processes, Tools and Top Corporate R&D Metrics used in industry. Findings of this research are currently offered in two reports of increasingly detailed description and analysis: Research Highlights (MR41) and Research Summary (MR42). The first report, MR41 which analyzes the survey population as a whole – (209 companies), is an “all text” summary of the findings. MR42 contains all the text of MR41 as well as a graphical analysis of each survey question.

This second report, the 2008 Product Development Metrics Research Summary, is a 120-page report containing text and slides that describe and analyze the survey population as a whole. The report summarizes the overall survey results and provides details on the profiles of the survey respondents; innovation environment; innovation processes; innovation identity; innovation tools; and top corporate metrics used in industry RD&E.

The outline of each report follows this basic structure:

  • Innovation Environment: business strategy and the degree of importance, training and investment in innovation
  • Innovation Processes: innovative development activities and degree of documentation
  • Innovation Identity: range of internal and external branding and corporate nomenclature
  • Innovation Tools: tools and software that companies use to innovate in development
  • Top Corporate Metrics Used in Industry: the most popular metrics companies use to measure and manage R&D

This research provides useful results on how industry understands and uses “tangible” innovation processes and critical tools that enable innovative thinking. The report initially examines the innovation environment by categorizing business strategies and the importance of innovation as well as training and investment in innovation. Then it looks at Innovation Processes by examining the types of research and development activities a company undertakes, and the degree of formalization of the processes for these activities. Next, the Innovation Identity section reports on the range of internal and external innovation branding and the corporate nomenclature for innovation. Separately, 67 generally available innovation tools are profiled and compared on their industry penetration and usage. Finally, the report details the current usage of the metrics used at the top of corporations to measure RD&E and compares the 2008 results to results from the four prior GGI surveys of 2004, 2002, 2000 and 1998 enabling one to see how metrics are changing over time.

The table of contents of this report is as follows:

II. COMPOSITE RESULTS Survey Population Is Analyzed As A Whole
A. Respondent Profile Page 11
B. Innovation Environment Page 30
C. Innovation Process Page 42
D. Innovation Identity Page 54
E. Innovation Tools Page 70
F. Top Corporate Metrics Used in Industry RD&E Page 95
Authors Page 117-120

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