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MR1 - "1998 Product Development Metrics Research Highlights

December 28, 1998 -- [52 Pages]

Product Description:

The 1998 Product Development Metrics Survey is offered in three separate, stand-alone reports: the Research Highlights (MR1), Research Summary (MR2), and Research Results (MR4). The first two reports, MR1 and MR2, analyze the survey population as a whole. MR1 is an “all text” summary of the findings. MR2 contains all the text of MR1 as well as a graphical analysis of each survey question. MR4 contains everything contained in MR2, plus text and graphics for five different segment analyses of the survey population.

The 1998 Product Development Research Highlights is the survey's "executive summary". It describes survey purpose, method, and content, as well as a summary and analysis of results.

Principal focus of the 1998 Survey was on describing metrics systems in industry, the state of corporate metrics, the state of project metrics, and linkages between product team performance and company reward and/or recognition. Are we really teamed in NPD or is reward/recognition still a functional decision?

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