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Q31 - Using Research Metrics Helps Get More R&D Bang for Your Buck,

Lab Manager, Vicon Publishing, Amherst, NH, USA
November 22, 2006 -- Pages 21-24

Description: This article reviews three papers presented at the 11th Annual Conference on Product Development Metrics, Chicago, IL, sponsored by Management Roundtable. Included are:

A review of the seven most common predictive metrics used by companies, including the top metric: Sales Due to New Products. Bradford L. Goldense, CEO of The Goldense Group, Inc., Needham, MA, presents a detailed description of these metrics.

A case study of Access Business Group (Amway) by Consultant Scott Edgett of the Product Development Institute, Inc., Ancaster, Ontario. This study explores another key metric, New Product Development Success Rate. Edgett notes that the average success rate is 60% but that the top 20% of businesses achieve rates in excess of 75%

Two case studies from Cargill, Inc., presented by its Business Development Manager, Larry Micek. Cargill's key metric when determining organization fit of new technology is determining if it is "disruptive" or "sustaining." "Disruptive" technologies are deployed as separate business units while "sustaining" new products are placed in existing business units.

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