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Q48 - TRIZ Plus - A Modern Tool for Enhancing Design Innovation

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March 24, 2015 -- Page 1

Description: TRIZ, a systematic innovation technique developed in Russia, whose acronym is loosely translated as "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving," is based on an analysis of the inventive attributes of several hundred thousand patents. Evolving since the 1950s, the body of knowledge was codified and documented by the 1980s. It was first translated into English in 1992.

Like mathematics, where two plus two always equals four, the inventive attributes of patents are timeless. Several companies, in very recent times, have repeated and expanded the analysis of the original inventor without any significant changes to Genrich Altshuller's original findings. Now deceased, several global organizations continue to nurture and espouse his TRIZ frameworks.

GGI researched some 300 innovation tools that are available to practitioners today. Not a surprise, the USPTO web site was the most cited tool being used by companies in North America. TRIZ emerged as the second most popular innovation tool in use today.

TRIZ Plus - A Modern Tool for Enhancing Design Innovation, was written by Doug Hoon in his blog on Machine Design's web site. He describes some of the key atrributes and benefits of the methodology, and cited some of GGI's research findings on TRIZ.

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