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Q36 - Survey Finds That Innovation Training Is A Missed Strategic Opportunity

Fast Track, Management Roundtable, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA
Oct 21, 2008

Description: Goldense Group Inc. [Needham, MA] published its fifth biennial research study on leading practices in R&D/Product Development in May of 2008. The latest survey focused on innovation: its strategies, tactics and operations. This article begins a five-part series presenting select findings from the GGI Survey. The GGI research was conducted between August 2007 and January 2008. Responses were received from 209 companies from such industries as aerospace & defense, electronics, chemicals, software and medical products. The questionnaire covered the following areas: demographic profile, innovation environment, innovation processes, innovation identity, innovation tools, and top corporate-level R&D metrics. In this first article in the series Goldense suggests that by emphasizing investment more than training many companies are missing an opportunity to develop innovation as a company-wide capability. If organic innovation is the proven source of long-term value then, warns Goldense, “strategically, we seem to be heading down a more risky path.”

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