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Q29 - Framework & Overview: Portfolio Decision Making

Knowledge Roundtable, Management Roundtable, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA
November 2005

“Portfolio Decision Making: A Framework & Overview” explores the many aspects of portfolio management and the beneficial role it plays in new product development and R&D projects. Boeing’s Ben Almojuela’s insight to successful portfolio management is noted. Almujuela shares the essential elements that define portfolio management and lays out the benefits of portfolio management in relation to key areas of product development. Additionally, Almujuela identifies essential tools for enabling portfolio management.

A case study conducted by The Adept Group is also noted. This study illustrates process component grouping and the role it plays in portfolio management. Through process component grouping a framework is set up, which allows for different stages of development to be experienced. Another study discussed in the article is one pertaining to portfolio management and its direct effects on product development performance. Topics touched upon are, Time-to-Market, development efficiency and overall strategic impact.

The article concludes with key points for developing portfolio management. GGI’s, Bradford Goldense offers insight on the importance of portfolio management. Noting key decision-making tips as well as portfolio benchmarks, Mr. Goldense expresses key points useful to putting together a successful portfolio.

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